Jun 10


Many may have heard about Hubpages, it is more popular to netizens who are always searching for information, images and topics which are useful to them. This provides an opportunity for online users to share what they have to offer in the form of content material.

One of the advantages that Hubpages offers is that, it provides opportunity to users to gain profit for their contents. Not simply does it benefit those who are sharing their content but in addition those browsers who are seeking for quality information. Hubpages is indeed one of the sites to consider.

How can one gain money? How can a user do it? Let us find out how. Let us discover the world of Hubpages and scan through the pages that have been making this world alive.

First, through Hubpages, one can construct his or her online presence. Earn their laser target market’s trust through their outstanding credibility and unfathomed reputation online. One can truly put together their own empire through Hubpages, by being an expert in an individual’s chosen niche, targeted visitors will easily pick up the quality articles you have made. In this way you can be perceived as the authority in an individual’s chosen niche. By establishing your own reputation and credibility, people will easily recognize you and will choose your product over others.

Second, one can also engage in affiliate internet marketing through Hubpages. By choosing related topics to your own hub as well as ads then you can surely gain more by engaging in affiliate internet marketing via Hubpages.

Third, you can both utilize ones own own web site at the same time Hubpages in order to rank well in search engines. By having an individual’s own internet site, engaging in affiliate advertising and marketing and use Hubpages, you will surely gain much capital in return.

Just be sure though for you to are putting in original, unique and quality content material. If you know how to use Hubpages to its full advantage you will surely earn more capital in return. Hubpages has a few features that will help determine. Just like Hub Score which is determined by the number of clicks and views done. This Hub Score determines your own Hub Status which will make or break an individual’s online credibility and reputation. This will also elevate ones own ranking as well as popularity among browsers.

Try using Hubpages now for ones own business and gain the money that you were aiming for. You have to get advantage of its popularity and make use of it while it is still hot in the market. You can be assured that you can earn more with the help of Hubpages. Try it now and see the profits coming in.

There are many internet marketing websites which provide you with tips on writing good blogs. Blogging helps you in link building for your website.

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Mar 10

Yahoo Affiliate Check

Yahoo Affiliate check dialogue

I just received this from the Yahoo Affiliate Team:

Hi SMO Blogger,

We wanted to let you know that your commission payments from Yahoo!, will be delayed one month. Rest assured that this only affects your Yahoo! commissions and all other advertiser commission amounts remain unaffected. Commission Junction has addressed this issue and we are currently working on a resolution to make sure this is an isolated incident.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you and appreciate your patience.

Yahoo! Affiliate Team

Did you or did you not receive your Yahoo Affiliate check? Well, I have been a member of the Yahoo Affiliate program for years, making good money with other programs like Google AdSense, Commission Junction and Linkshare. But… Yahoo hasn’t panned out for me in terms of revenue. I keep waiting to see some results before I invest time in testing programs. What about you, do you use Yahoo Affiliate?

Mar 10

Why Blogging is Better than Speaking

Blogger speaking

I talk a lot more than I blog. But, I’d like to change that. Here’s why:

  • 100% Control
  • No one can detect your accent
  • You don’t get interrupted
  • You approve comments
  • You establish a record
  • You can do it with a big ol cigar in your mouth
  • Google will find you

Mar 10

1&1internet – Hosting Suckage

1&1Internet Web Hosting Screen Capture

Are you hosting your blog with 1&1internet? This dandy of a hosting outfit also known as 1and1.com just might allow you to open up a support ticket if you are currently blogging on their servers. Or, perhaps you’d be interested in taking a gander at the 1and1internet Web site to see what products they offer? If you’re lucky, you can have a chance at purchasing one of their products. Or can you?


Here’s the error message I received from 1and1internet at the order.1and1.com page:

Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
Apache Server at order.1and1.com Port 80

If a leading global blog hosting company like 1&1internet cannot even host their own order page, what’s the world coming to?

Nov 09

Is Dosh Dosh Dead?

Dosh Dosh Tombstone

I am one of many who enjoyed reading the DoshDosh.com blog written by social media poweruser DoshDosh/MakiMaki.

DoshDosh regularly blogged in detail about everything from making money online with Google AdSense to case studies. The frequency at which he turned out above average posts was remarkable and quite unmatched. Okay, doubters, tell me who matched DoshDosh/Maki? I’m listening. He was the best.

From the about page of www.doshdosh.com:

Dosh Dosh is a blog offering internet marketing and blogging tips, alongside social media strategies. Best consumed by bloggers, entrepreneurs, web publishers, marketers, freelancers and small business owners.

Dosh Dosh - www.doshdosh.com screen cap

Dosh Dosh - www.doshdosh.com screen cap

His Popularity? 34,000+ RSS Subscribers and large numbers of followers on major social networks.

He disappeared.

DoshDosh, aka Maki or MakiMaki has not dagg, stumbled, sphunn or tweeted in a while–that while being longer for social media denizens.

So what happened to Dosh Dosh? He’s either moved on and not active anymore, aka burned out. Or…

Is Dosh Dosh Dead?

While, I am not one to wax morbid, I noticed that one blogger speculated that Dosh Dosh was dead. Let’s look at Dosh Dosh/Maki around the web on various social media sites where he lives/lived.


Last Tweet: Gotta head out for class. Be back later.2:15 PM Sep 17th from TweetDeck


Last Digg: 04/29/2009
Last Digg Submission: 05/14/2009


Last Stumble: autorave‘s last login was “4 months ago” as recorded by Stumbleupon.


Last Sphinn: 200+ Days ago

Has Dosh Dosh Updated his Blogging Software?
Ah, but I know one sure way to discern if Dosh Dosh/Maki is still alive. If he is alive, he would have updated his blog software as any good blogger would, no? So, I checked and DoshDosh.com is runing WordPress 2.8.4 which is not the current version of WordPress, yet not very old. The release date of WordPress 2.8.4, a security release was August 12, 2009, which predates the September 15th Twitter post, the last known communication which Dosh Dosh/Maki made with the social media community. So, this doesn’t really help. We are still stuck with not being able to show that he was alive any later than September 12th.

Dead? Or is DoshDosh aka Maki a victim of social media burnout?

Dosh Dosh, this is not intended as an obituary. If you are still there, please do not take this post as mere link bait but as a plea to make yourself known. In honesty, there are many of your fans out here who miss your thoughtful posts and would like to hear something from you, even if it’s just a quick post to let us know you are alive.

Update: He’s alive! I am happy to report that this post coincided almost precisely with the reappearance of Maki on Twitter and a few fresh posts on DoshDosh.com. Still no activity on Digg for some time now. But, anyways, we’re glad to know you’re alive. If anyone knows the reason behind the lengthy disappearance, please post.

Sep 09

Finding a WordPress Theme Developer

The WordPress LogoI spent about a day looking for WordPress theme developers, filtering through their qualifications and portfolios to see if they had the ability to design a WordPress Theme of the sort I wanted. I’d tried several WordPress developers in the past with mixed results. The biggest complaints I have are that they are either slow or do a poor job with the aesthetics. Well, I looked through the entire Automattic list that I found at:


I figured these should be the best of the best, getting an Automattic listing. I went through almost the entire list and found thirteen candidates whose work I liked. I contacted them all.

What were the results of my inquiries?

Only 5 of these Automattic listed WordPress devs got back to me. Of the five, one developer was kind enough to tell me he was too busy to meet my schedule and refer me to a friend. A second was outlandishly expensive (I’d rather have purchased a sports car). A third was reasonably priced but failed in being punctual. Two turned out great! So, I went through so many many developers just to find the two developers who were qualified and reasonably priced. It took about a day.

Yeah, it was worth it.