Oct 10

Learning SEO On My Own

Learning SEO can be done the easy way or hard. The easy way requires you to tap the services of SEO experts and learn from them, while the hard way is getting into it all by yourself. I learned SEO by accident, never really intending to become the self-professed expert that I am. But despite the cheap route I made, I am doing rather well if I say so myself.

This is not supposed to be a step by step guide to learning SEO, so if you follow the steps I myself have taken, our results may vary so take what I have to say with a grain of salt and keep this as sort of a reference guide on what you can choose to do.

It all began when after a few months after the launch of my online business. My service was a popular and strong one, one that I believed would reap in profits from all over. Imagine then my dismay when after a couple of months, my sales were abysmal. It was then I knew that I needed something to market my business. Something effective, yet cheap, since I wasn’t really earning much then.

I then searched around until I saw several blogs about how to do SEO. Search engine optimization was a phenomenon I only heard about, but thought was useless. But then, my desperate situation pulled me to learn more about it and find out first hand if it really works. After all, what am I to lose? Profits were close to nil, I figured the only way left to go then, was up.

So I devoured all the information in those blogs. Reading through the archives, keeping myself updated with each new post, etc. Days turned to weeks turned into months, until I had a basic understanding how it all works and how to tie it all together. I applied what I learned. From on page optimization to building links and everything in between. I did all I could.

Lo and behold, after a few weeks of this, my sales went up. Not by much, but enough for me to take notice. I didn’t attribute it first with the SEO, but when sales exploded I analyzed what had happened. Turned out, the SEO worked and I was in the front page of Google. Amazing. So until now, I keep on doing SEO, learning all new things about it, and applying everything I learn. I want to have the number one position and keep it there.

Oct 10

12 Optimisation Issues

12 Issues You Actually Ought To Know About Search Engine Optimisation

Research present that over ninety% of all online customers use engines like google to find what they’re searching for, whether merchandise/providers, or just plain outdated information.

The next twelve points will, I hope, summarize a philosophy, approach and methodology to the search engine optimization query which is both sound and effective, together with giving some useful perception into the industry itself.
1. Content. Content. Content.
Effective, skilled, optimized Copywriting is the only, most important consider any web optimization campaign. Search engines like google and yahoo index websites based on the content found on every web page of the site. With an intensive understanding of the language and grammatical conventions combined with intensive analysis, to seek out and exploit the market focus, one can move a web site to the higher echelon of the “SERP’s” (Search Engine Results Web page) in a methodical as well as moral manner.

2. Analyze Web Logs.
Measure all the things, at least twice, after which verify again. While I’d be the primary to say that many of the procedures that make up website optimization are extra artwork than science, one needs to take a really scientific approach to the outcomes of the effort. That is accomplished by methodically preserving a document of, and making an analysis of the sites web logs. There are a number of specialized software which make the job simpler however at the bare minimal, one must keep a close eye on the site visitors and their exercise whereas on the site. No matter how effectively planned the technique, it is largely theoretical until confirmed by the outcomes, which might only be measured by the logs, and an intensive evaluation of their content.

3. Nobody can guarantee a 1 ranking on Google, or some other search engine.
Those that promise such feats will either optimize for such vague search term phrases (corresponding to, “green stunted widgets with purple Polka-dots and icing”) that no one will ever likely look for, or they are making a false claim, which they have no intention of protecting, or they’ve an inside edge at Google, one thing which they’ll free, shortly, when the sincere people at Google find out about it. The opposite possibility, that they are going to take the cash and run, is price mentioning right here however I’ll be polite.

4. Some things are simply plain silly.
You need not submit your website to 50,000 search engines. Businesses which provide this service are suspect, at best. eighty five% of the search outcomes on the Web come from one search engine, which, you probably have one link from a longtime website, or better but, a listing, will discover your site simply tremendous, on it is own. 4 (four) search engines account for over ninety% of the traffic on the web. As for any supposed benefit which can accrue from being listed in an obscure search engine in Botswana which makes a speciality of safaris to the Kalahari Desert and receives 7 hits per day; properly, you figure it out.

5. search engine optimisation is not Pay-per-Click.
Whereas no one would argue the effectiveness of getting increased site visitors and sales, through a nicely planned, pay-per-click campaign, the actual fact stays that the conversion rates are typically low and so they cease the moment the “pay” stops. With a nicely planned and executed search engine marketing campaign, while results may take a bit longer, they proceed to produce, and in reality develop, long after the work is finished and paid for. Very often we’ve found that after a thorough optimization of a web site, solely minor adjustments are wanted on an ongoing basis, primarily associated to new content material and/or new items of sale or service.

6. website positioning shouldn’t be witchcraft, Druidism, shamanism.
Neither does it require any special chants, ceremonial fires, or vestments, though some of us do prefer to howl at the full moon, on occasion. There aren’t any “High Secret” practices which a reputable SEO can not inform a consumer, a decide, or his mother, for that matter. The very nature of the Web has at all times been cooperative and there may be nothing about web optimization that may’t be learned, with a heavy dose of time and money. A reputable website positioning firm offers you an merchandise per item breakdown of just the place the money goes. Be wary if you happen to sense a secretive atmosphere or any unwillingness to reply questions. Whereas there are technical factors which might take some background to fully understand, if one has a strong overview of all the state of affairs, a simple explanation ought to be easy enough to come up with.

7. Do-it-yourself SEO.
Sure, you may execute your own search engine marketing campaign and discover a respected search engine marketing agency to assist plan and manage it for you. About one half of my very own clientele do some part of the particular work themselves, or have their in-home devoted personnel do it, after dialogue of the goals and aims of the business/website, an intensive web site evaluation, comprehensive search phrase research, and targeted instruction on the ways and technique of attaining high SERPs. These preliminaries are adopted up with a detailed program of recommendations and strategies which the consumer can then implement themselves or hire others to perform. Average financial savings; 30-40%.

8. Phased Implementation.
Whereas many corporations spend 1000’s of [dollars] per month on Search Engine Optimization, an alternate is out there which pays dividends to you in elevated sales and leads without the excessive initial investment. Crucial consideration is to have a good agency handle the initial analysis and suggested optimization planning first. The trial and error technique will price much more, in the long term, with or with out the specified result. After finding out the plan and establishing a workable price range you might implement the plan as finances allow.

9. Bear in mind the outdated saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
Never was this more true than in the realm of SEO. While concrete and measurable positive factors will all the time come from a well thought out and executed optimization strategy, the Internet is a aggressive media and all of us want to be number one. Settle for [that a] regular upward movement, over time, will place you worlds forward of a flash adopted by a crash.

10. A thought to ponder.
At stake, in the race for the top, is the very existence of your website, your enterprise, and fairly presumably your reputation. Watch out for any “shortcuts” or less than moral schemes that anyone would possibly suggest to additional your corporation goals. When it’s all said and performed it’s you, the business owner, who bears the accountability for any firm or individual you hire. Insist on knowing exactly what the strategy is and what steps are being carried out to implement it. If it seems, in the least, suspicious, ask for and get an explanation. In this case, not solely is Ignorance not bliss, it could very well be the beginning of the top on your business.

11. All incoming links usually are not created equal.
Both the relevance to your line of enterprise and web site material and the PR worth of the incoming link determine how helpful they’re to your personal PR ranking. With Google beginning the development, nothing new there, and many of the others following close behind, the times of grabbing all of the inbound hyperlinks, in any method doable, are gone. Not only will low ranked and/or irrelevant inbound hyperlinks not assist, they will, actually, cause a penalty. Hyperlink farms, free-for-all hyperlink schemes, automated link accumulation software program, or some other fad that does not fastidiously display screen the hyperlinks and web sites they’re coming from will, in the long term, do extra harm than good.

12. It is more than simply info and figures.
The connection between a web based enterprise and website positioning is, perhaps, one of the closest of enterprise relationships. With the intention to be efficient, a search engine marketing must know not only the facts and figures pertaining to the endeavor, but s/he should know one thing of the goals and aspirations of the enterprise principals. Things which don’t normally come out in a prospectus are sometimes invaluable information when looking for the “right match” into the advanced world of the Internet. My own clients typically ask, because of the frequency of my calls and e mail within the early phases, “Am I your solely shopper?” I normally snigger and say one thing to the impact that till I know your online business virtually in addition to you do, yes, you’re the just one that counts.

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Oct 10

Planning Your Keywords

Every good web master knows that they need to research their keywords before even considering making a web site. Webmasters need to know what terms searchers are searching for and how much competition there is for those terms. They want to find key words with high amounts of searches and low amounts competition. In this article I’ll talk about keyword research. We’ll even go over the best free tool to use to find out how many times a particular key word is being searched for each month.


The first thing you want to do is find out what key words people are searching for. You can do this by using a free tool within Google Adwords. Sign up for a free account with them. Following this, you can go into the opportunities section and find the key word research tool. You can type the term your interested in learning about into this tool and it will give you the average monthly search volume. It will also give you a list of similar words that you can use to make other pages on your site. If this already seems like too much work, you can always visit our site. Those that are still with me can learn more in the following paragraphs.


Within the key word tool you will have the option of searching for the exact match, phrase match, and broad match. I’ll explain what these options mean by using the keyword “used cars”.


An example of broad match for “used cars” could be “used up old cars”. As you can see the broad match is not very targeted. You won’t find customers looking to purchase quality pre owned cars from you with this broad match key word.


A phrase match using this same keyword could be “red used cars”. Keywords stay next to each other and in the same order as you intend them to be. However, the other keywords placed in front and behind could still make this searcher irrelevant to your site.


You’ll want to follow the results of the exact match. Our minnesota seo company only looks at exact matches when researching clients site. Using the exact match method you’ll get the number of people who are only searching with the term “used cars”. When you’ve found a term with high numbers, then you can start looking at its competition. When the numbers don’t look good you can look towards a synonym such as “preowned cars” or something of that nature.

Oct 10

What SEO Conference Should I Go To?

Danny Sullivan

A friend of mine just asked me which SEO conference to go to next year. It didn’t take me long to list some of my favorite choices. If I could go to any conference for SEO it would be SMX. That’s where the cutting edge people are, in my opinion. SMX holds about four conferences a year in North America, four in Europe and a few in Asia. One “SMX Advanced” conference is put on each year in the U.S. and one in the U.K. The advanced would be my choice. That’s where you can expect the real SMO experts to speak and occasionally share some secrets. Danny Sullivan is the force that propels SMX and his reputation and contribution to the search marketing community has been unmatched. A large number of A-listers and working SEO’s follow his work on

Second choice for SEO only would be SES, aka Search Engine Strategies, which Danny was involved in earlier in his career.

Or for a broader experience than just SEO but with a heavy focus on SEO/SMO, you might head to pubcon PubCon. I will probably go to PubCon next year. It’s genesis is in the work of WebmasterWorld.com’s founder, Brett Tabke.

Image source: Wikipedia

Jul 10

Buzz About Hubs

Now this really is the biggest of them all in conditions of Google revenue or generating dollars by using Google AdSense or any other affiliate program. Links are what drive targeted traffic to some hub or a lens, or your blogs or anything you need or need to get targeted traffic to. Some men and women call it back links, however the idea is the same, it gets traffic, more specifically interested traffic, to a website which you need to have to promote with a click of a button. This may be the only way to make funds with any of these affiliate programs: linking correctly.

Why must you hire a hubs creation service? Why shouldn’t you take the time to create your own hubs yourself and not bother about hiring some “expert” to create your hubpages for you?

Are there any positive aspects to hiring an expert to assist create and manage your hubs for you? The truth is that you just can produce your own hubs by yourself, but the amount of time it needs to make a extremely captivating hub.

Building links also does additional than that. For example should you only have say 1 link with a blog or website, then it is possible to expect at least a bit of site visitors to that hub or blog. However, the far more you link, legitimately of course, and over time, the far more visitors than internet site will get. It also means that the search engines like google will also look favorably on your work.

Want Higher SE Rankings and Visibility

You may be a stellar writer but in the event you don’t know what search phrases to target and don’t realize the dynamics of keyword research, chances are which you may possibly not rank highly on the search engines for relevant search phrases and research terms. However, a hubs creation program knows what key words to target based on their marketplace analysis and website analysis.

Want Top quality Content backed by Experience and Account Management

But obviously you would like to make money, get targeted visitors and all that beneficial stuff. So you’ve developed some online works with good content, and have added some excellent keywords. (For keywords and phrases it helps in case you do some investigation utilizing Google AdWords or other applications of that nature, but do not spend all your time doing so), and most importantly you might be following the conditions of support on Google AdSense along with other affiliate programs, now it can be time to think big, or rather larger with links, and interlinking.

Most times, common hubs are a lot more appealing because of their content. A critical take a look at high profile hubpages will show that only those with the ability to draw wide readership as a result of the stellar information plus multimedia there in, tend to acquire ranked extremely on the search engines.

Originally posted at bearinghubs.com.

Jul 10

CJ Pay Per Call Looking Good

cj pay-per-call diagram

Commission Junction’s pay-per-call platform has been around for about a year or so, I’m guessing. The technology comes from Ring Revenue and several other affiliate networks besides CJ have deployed it and invited merchants to try it out. When it first was announce, I perked up because I know that in many campaigns, phone leads are more numerous and close easier than form leads. I marked that down on my things-to-test list and moved on.

Now that much time has passed, I see that the number of merchants signing on to the CJ pay-per-call platform is increasing. There were just a few, maybe six or eight when it first launched. Now, I it is in the high thirties.

What does it actually do? CJ Pay Per Call enables

tracking of leads and sales when consumers choose calling over clicking.

Pay Per Call advertising partnerships allow publishers to:

  • Get paid for driving calls
  • Earn higher commissions for delivering more qualified leads and sales
  • Promote a greater variety of online and offline products and services

Besides being easy to setup and manage, CJ assures publishers of the platform’s:

  • Toll-free trackable numbers unique to you
  • Reliable real-time tracking
  • Intuitive interface
  • Campaign transparency
  • Real-time reporting

It looks like payout is anywhere from around $1.00 to $25.00 and from what I can tell, the conversions appear to be good.

cj pay-per-call example

So who are the advertisers on this potentially sweet platform?

Looking at the list below with search volumes from the Google Keyword Tool, you can see that the big brand home services, healthcare and insurances names are the ones to target in organic search.

Pay Per Call Advertisers

So, I finally signed up with an advertiser. If I am approved, I’ll get a phone number for my advertiser, select placement and see what kind of results I get! I’ve got a good feeling about this. Thoughts on pay-per-call?

Jun 10

SEO Engine Optimizations Tips

Hey SMO Blogger friends. This is a guest post courtesy of  SEOengineoptimizations.com. Feel free to comment on this post or visit the author’s site for more SEO loving.

SEO Engine Optimizations

Yes, Lookup Engine Optimization (Web optimization) is critical for all sorts of businesses. Weather you’ve an e-commerce internet site or an informative website, static internet site or a dynamic internet site, Web optimization is beneficial for your on the net organization promotion. You must give Search engine optimization the same importance that a brick and mortar small business gave to a yellow page directory listing, years ago.

Web optimization services like research media advertising, organic research engine optimization, Internet advertising consultation and internet site analytics helps to boast your seek out engine ranking in top research outcomes and improve your business profits exponentially. Ranking high on search engines result page is extremely critical should you want specific customers visit your site.

For example suppose you might have site that sell school books. To grow your company and boost your profits, you require to boost your sales. To boost sales, you need visitors. Now, if your web site ranked high on search engine result page, you can get thousands of visitors every day who will be interested in purchasing your books. In short, when your web site is ahead of your competitor’s web page in search results, you may get thousands of visitors everyday out of which at least some will surely purchase your items.

Not only this, today Search engine marketing is considered as the best online enterprise promotion strategy, as it greatly emphasizes on addition of new & quality content to your website, frequently. This is important because customers nowadays heavily depend on Internet to gather information and if you might have optimized your web site content, there is higher probability that people will stay on to your web page for a longer duration and not move on to your competitor’s web page.

Search Engine Marketing is all about making your websites search engine optimization friendly so that company can prosper and you get higher return on investment (ROI). Another benefit of search engine optimization is that it increases your brand credibility in the market. People are more aware of your brand name and hence they return to you in the future when they have to have to make similar purchases.

Therefore Web optimization is a good investment and not an expense when it comes to web site promotion. You can target particular on the net traffic who will contribute in improving your conversion rate. Dominate search engines easily by ranking high on them by opting for Search engine optimisation services for your internet site.

Research engine optimization allows you to optimize your internet site and get the traffic. The lookup engines have complicated algorithms. The lookup engines use these algorithms to rank the websites. The research engines crawls the web pages and checks for various things. Few of them are:

  • Incoming links: the search engines check for the incoming links to a page when crawling. This is a major factor which contributes to the ranking of the internet site. The Google has clearly told the webmasters in their documentation to raise the number and quality of the incoming links in order to get better ranking.
  • Content and keywords: content is the most important thing. It has to be relevant to the internet site and it needs to be fresh. Anything which is not unique and is copied from the other on the internet sources, will be immediately spotted by the research engine bots and will make negative impact on your ranking. The keywords are also very critical. You may have to make sure that you are using the keywords with the proper density. Should you over do this, your content will be considered as spam. If you under do this, your content will be considered as irrelevant to the particular set of keywords. This means that you will have to check the keyword density.
  • Other various factors: there are many other factors which the seek out engines look for while crawling. These include the easy access to all the sections of the web page, easy to read content, meta tags etc.

Now that you know what the seek out engines look for, you can work to improve them. But how would you do these things if you do not have SEO tools for them? Take the example of keyword density. Is it possible for you to calculate the keyword density of the entire content without a tool? Can you read all the content and highlight the keywords and then make the calculation to determine the keyword density? I do not think so that any one can do it with so much content connected to every website these days. You may have to use the tools for this. You can find tools for every task and the only thing which you will have to do is to learn how to use the Search engine marketing tools.

Jun 10

The Black And White Seo Methods

The terms black hat seo and white hat seo come up every time somebody talks about search engine optimization. These terms mean different things to different people, but they do have one theme in mind. Webmasters should know the differences between these 2 types of seo as their livelihood could depend on it. I wrote this article to discuss black hat and white hat seo methods and how they can effect your site’s ranking.

White hat search engine optimization is the use of tactics that the major search engines encourage web masters to do. These tactics are seo activities that you would have no problem telling the search engines you are engaging in.

Black hat search engine optimization is the use of tactics that try to manipulate the search engines into giving you higher rankings than you deserve. When the search engines find that you are participating in these tactics, they will usually drop your web site from their search engines. You might even find that the search engines decide to ban all of the web sites that are registered in your name. Web site owners that get all of their traffic from the free search engines will be shut down in one night.

Some might ask, why would anybody bother using black hat seo tactics? People use black hat search engine optimization because it is quick and easy and can get them ranked without the effort or the long wait that some of the other white hat methods entail. Examples of past black hat seo practices were key word stuffing, link farms, automated directory submissions, and even keyword stuffing a page with unrelated keywords in white font.

Unfortunately black hat search engine optimization is never a long term traffic building solution. Using black hat seo tactics may indeed get you some quick rankings, but it will always get you banned from the search engines. Like one large Minnesota seo company says, “you’ll never have to wonder if you will be found out, but you will have to wonder when you will be found out”.

White hat seo methods consist of manually submitting to relevant directories, writing original articles for article directories, and creating unique and genuine advertisements on relevant web sites. These methods will not only get you ranked well in the search engines, but they will also keep you ranked well in the search engines.

I hope this article gave you the information you need on black hat and white hat seo.

Jun 10

12 Months With Out Web Optimization

It’s greater than a 12 months now since I concluded that Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimisation) was, or was soon going to change into, a waste of time. I had already, 6 months before then, mentioned farewell to spending an hour a day engaged on getting reciprocal links.

What led, at the time, to what many would have mentioned were very rash moves? After all, reciprocal linking was nonetheless being expounded, by all and sundry, as an important approach to get a great rating, and the software tools have been being actively marketed still. Search engine positioning software program was still being heavily marketed and continues to be as we speak; keyword density was a buzz term being branded round as if it had been an important science to be practised by all good search engine optimisation aware webmasters.

What I did was to return to advertising basics. I had acquired my advertising training back within the 1980’s and had practical marketing expertise with my very own enterprise from the mid 1990’s. I was not born into internet advertising and marketing alone, so could still see outdoors the blinkers and the hype.

A very fundamental but necessary aspect of selling is to know your market place. Relating to search engine rankings, then clearly a significant part of that market was the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN, with Google being the clear leader then, and a yr later today.

I began to think 18 months in the past that so far as reciprocal linking went, it was turning into a spammers’ zone. Certainly, I argued with myself, Google did not actually want to rank a site extremely simply because the net grasp had the tools and the time to chase around getting reciprocal hyperlinks? It simply didn’t make sense. And the same was true of buying links. Why ought to a website rank highly as a result of they’ve splashed out on shopping for links?

What Google, and the others, really wanted was to rank the best web pages for a particular search time period, and it seemed solely a matter of time before they sniffed out and extinguished the abuses corresponding to blatantly artificial link constructing, Weblog spam, scraping and excessive search engine marketing’ing.

A 12 months in the past, I began new internet sites with none actual thought of SEO. As a author, I was completely satisfied to try to provide what engines like google wanted: authentic content material on what individuals have been searching for. Whereas I did provide title and outline tags, all the pieces else was just written on a glide basis. The keyword phrase for any web page would come out within the natural flow. I may simply write to my coronary heart’s content material with out utilizing any tools checking keyword density.

The primary of those new websites thirteen months ago was in the self improvement area of interest, which is very competitive. I was anticipating to be “Sandboxed” by Google due to that, and so it proved. But I just saved plugging away, sticking to my no-search engine marketing principle. After all, none of us outside Google is aware of for sure if there’s such a thing as a sandbox, but there is undoubtedly a waiting time earlier than a brand new web site is thrown totally into the rating melting pot.

In the self improvement case, the last Google update noticed my web site emerge from the sandbox after about 12 months. So, finally, I was able see whether my no SEO method was to yield any positive results. Fortunately, a few high rankings have been immediately apparent, including just a few 1 positions. On a kind of phrases, Yahoo followed a couple of weeks later to the 1 position, while the site was 2 (now 1) at MSN.

Now, that is early days for that exact site, and there may be much to do to get more excessive rankings. Nonetheless, I’m assured that SEO is infinitely more simple than some experts, especially these promoting ranking tools, tend to have you ever believe.

Since I began that exact site, I have solely made one main change, and that’s convert all my web sites to CSS. Providing a content material wealthy website that is straightforward to crawl for search engine robots is an important aspect of the brand new, simplified SEO. In fact, following Google’s advice to site owners is about all you could do, and that’s free.

In fact, those with software program merchandise to peddle will argue that I could do even better with their software. But when Google decides to blacklist that software program as a manipulating tool, then all my exhausting work may very well be undone. So I will depart the others to chase shadows with ranking software, and simply enjoy writing content. In any case, that’s what basic advertising and marketing instructed me to do.

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Jun 10

Finding Good Link Partners

Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams

Image via Wikipedia

People from the SEO world know that Google calculates the search engine ranking via the highest number of quality backlinks. In getting legal backlinks, different SEO methods are used by webmasters. One of the SEO techniques is searching good link partners.

Here are the techniques to find good link partners.

1. Forums

If you have a dental website and you’re looking for link partners to execute a reciprocal link exchange, go to different trusted forums link Digital Point. Go to the link exchange section and open a thread telling that you’re happy to exchange links with other dental websites. This is actually a good way to get links if the thread you posted receives good amount of traffic. Make certain to check the forum and the inbox for private messages every now and then to obtain backlinks.

2. Search Engines

Google can give the most exact search results. Therefore, to search a web page for link partners specifically made for dental websites, just type “link-partners.html dental website” on the search bar or any other combination of key terms. Google will quickly display accurate links. Send an email to the collected sites telling that you are very much interested in link exchange in a polite and business-like manner. In just a few minutes, expect to receive positive answers from other webmasters. Web pages with high PageRank and categorized attract more links. If you do not have any web page made for a particular niche, do not fill your homepage with links. Rather, make another web page for link list.

Finding good link partners is easy for webmasters if they use Google even without doing the forum postings and registering in link exchange websites. You can use any of the two ways or you can use both. Don’t forget that too much of something is not good. Thus, search for link partners and do link exchange legally. To improve search engine ranking will be easier if you use ethical and organic methods of SEO.