“Let Go” from my SEO Job

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Today I am really glad to blog at SMOBlogger.com. This place has become a true respot for me because I can come here and say whatever I want anonymously. No one knows who I am. No family members. No bloggers. No co-workers. No competitors or enemies. I feel totally free here.

Sure, I have a blog that I make posts to for public consumption. Everyone knows it’s me behind the wheel. I am careful about what I say in my public persona. But, SMO Blogger is my home away from home. It’s the one place I can go to truly speak my mind and not care about the consequences. Isn’t that more in line with the original concept of blogging as online diaries?

Today, I had my “annual review” at the search engine marketing agency where I work. I have been at this company for many years. I’d developed SEO strategies for fortune 500 clients there. I had helped build the SEO department from 1 client to 10. I had trained numerous staff in link building. I had built several sites that were performing well. In short, I got results. But, I was told…

“We’re eliminating the position”

I am a SEO Manager at the firm. The one who built the department, if I could be so bold as to pronounce. I asked why management wasn’t moving me to another position, given my talent and past contributions and more importantly proven track record of results. They’d moved others to new positions when the clients they’d worked on terminated their contracts.

Why didn’t my SEO company think I was valuable enough to keep? I have been thinking about this all day. The new VP has his own friends, his own platforms, etc. Sure, I understand my skills don’t exactly mesh with the new technologies my firm is using–basically what I mean here is going from:

  • PHP to .net
  • Linux to Microsoft
  • Apache to IIS

I was told I’d be laid off in 3 months. I was shocked to hear this. My pride was hurt. After all I’d contributed to my company, the long hours, the late hours, the working at home, the going the extra mile, not to mention the strategies responsible for the success in revenue growth–poof. No importa.

My new VP’s lack of faith and trust really hurt me. I listened to the words coming from his mouth today and realized that upper management’s opinion of me is pretty low. They think I’m a charity case.

“We’ll help you get another job. We’ll give you a reference. I feel terrible for having to do this.”

Yes, I was hurt, but hearing this made me pity them. Did they not know I could get another job if I wanted one? Did they not realize I could do contracting work if I so desired. I get asked to do SEO work all the time but I refuse because I’m too busy doing my day job tasks. Did they have no idea that I was a social media site (I won’t say which one) power user with a successful affiliate marketing business? Apparently not. They never bothered to ask or get to know that part of me. I guess they thought I went home each night and faded into prime time television or something. They didn’t realize that I live and breath SEO and SMO and SEM all day long from morning to night. When I get home I log on and start investigating and testing new strategies for dominating my competitors in the SERPs. Why won’t upper management listen? Take an interest. Ask questions. Get to know your employees.

I left work early today after my “annual review.” Tomorrow I am turning in my 2 week notice even though they have given me months before my “lay off.”

“You nice guys finish… well… usually not first.”

“What makes you think it’s finished?”

My brothers, I don’t want to sound pessimistic. I’m actually optimistic about the future. I’m going to finally have a chance to devote 100% of my time to implementing strategies for my own campaigns. This thrills me. I’m emotional at the moment but actually really happy to be free.

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  1. SiteOne Web Design

    Sounds like your better off without them! Dont forget that ultimately, your VP got a hard on laying you off, despite all the soft words. All people ‘in power’ do.

    In the end you will get the better of them. Count this as a blessing and an opportunity.

    So I wish you all the best on your new path. Whatever that turns out to be 🙂


  2. Hey Mike, All I can say is I really appreciate the words of encouragement. I’m trying not to take it too hard.

    I have big plans for my blogging and site building and I’m more excited than ever about the future. Only optimism here. Thanks again.

  3. SiteOne Web Design

    That’s the way to go!

    What is totally weird about your situation is the move from the PHP/Linux/Apache to Microsoft. It’s usually the other way round!!!

    Very odd. And that’s coming from someone who is a ‘PC’!!

  4. Very weird, yes. Others in IT weren’t exactly thrilled with the switch to Microsoft, if you can imagine.

  5. With your talent as I can see in this blog, you will find a better gig. I had the same situation before, I could have been a team leader then but something went wrong.

    I was really disappointed until I found out that there is a lot of potential in the homebased business.

  6. Thanks Ronald. That’s exactly where I’ll be for a while, at home and cooking up some new strategies.

  7. I am sorry to hear that, it happens with companies.

    Just look at this as another opportunity. 🙂

  8. Ronald is right; you clearly have the talent and ambition to succeed on your own and are probably better off away from this company. It’s important to remember that your lay off was no reflection on the quality of your work; it sounds like you made a significant contribution to the company and were a loyal member of staff. Particularly in the current economic climate, lay offs have to be made where they would previously not have been necessary. I admire your positive attitude towards your situation and agree that you should view the change in terms of new opportunity rather than dwelling on what is lost. Good luck!
    Ian Jones recently posted…Revealed: England’s Cricket SecretsMy Profile

  9. Sometimes your better off leaving even though you have a hard time believing as hard as you work your being let go. There’s something much better for you in the next chapter. Yeah, it seems like an injustice and makes no logical sense, but you’ve got talent and its needed elsewhere. This industry is wide open in so many areas, social media, mobile marketing, to name a couple. Good Luck and embrace an exciting future.

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