Blog And Website – The Differences

The undying battle between a blog and website to have the crown as the simplest way in advertising services by a company in the web is never ending. It’s an issue, till now, is yet to be decided. Marketing experts use both techniques to gain as much visitors as practical. But , what’s the real deal between the two strategies? To put an end to this question, here are the definitions of each. You be the judge which is better.

Blogging is a route for an individual to relay to people what she wish to say or publicize. It is vital to keep updating blogs every day because this will keep readers glued in to the internet site. Valuing clients and tending to their needs and inquiries as much as practicable for them to feel at ease and stay to it. Making a link in areas that has relevancy to your subject or products. When readers post comments, this can stir a dialogue between you and other viewers.

Blogs allow marketeers to post photos, text and videos online in a short period of time for nothing. Having a blog gives marketers the chance to reach out to web users around the planet in a more private way. Ensure blog posts contain useful information that will help a lots of spectators in their wants. Thought about as dynamic marketing, blogs can be simply done by any person in their own web site.

Web sites are regarded as more static compared with blogging. Advertisers can tell more about the products of the company. A detailed content is very much required in this marketing method. Unlike blogging where it needs regular updating, sites can be updated only when fresh products are available or a special offering.

Posting blogs in web sites can be a brilliant idea to keep your customers posted each time. Swapping links to other websites where both sites can benefit is a good way to push and publicize goods. Not only do you get to post your links freely but you also gain a new partner in the web business.

Nevertheless it is important to ensure that the subjects in the web site you chose and your website can relate to each other. Select a web site which has good standards, also because an internet site with a poor reputation online, can pull your web site down the drain with them.

Whether you choose a blog or website, it doesn’t matter. We have laid the good points and bad points of both, it is down to you what will you select and what fits your business needs better. Start choosing now in order to make either a blog or web site. Be prepared re the physical as well as the financial aspect of putting up a blog or a website. Good luck!

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  1. SiteOne Web Design

    It’s funny how one’s opinions change so quickly. Six months ago, I wouldn’t have suggested adding a blog to a clients website unless there was a real need to do so.

    Now I think it must be an integral part of the any client website.

    However, getting the client to use it and update it is another thing! It’s hard enough to get the client to give you web site copy, let alone to encourage them to blog about themselves!

    I’ve always been a Windows/ASP/SQL Server person. But now I’ve got into WordPress and ultimately Linux hosting, my direction may change to PHP (code I’ve never really got on with) .

    My latest web site is hosted on Linux ready if the client wants a blog (he declined the offer). So I actually did my first PHP scripting! And this is after 15 years designing websites!!!

    I thing game always be ready to change…


  2. 15 years of design websites? Wow, you have me beat. Just 13 years for me.

    I’ve been using WordPress for many years and I love it because it is open source and so widely supported. I’m LAMP all the way and feel sure that I will never switch 🙂

    Oh, and getting a client to do anything is difficult it seems, whether web design or SEO.

  3. The main advantage of the website is, you can create a forum within the site and you can create your own mailing list without aweber or some other provider, and is included in hosting price.

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