Feb 14

What’s Wrong with This Google Result?

What is Wrong with this Search Result?

Do you see it?

Dec 12

Why Guest Blogging for SEO Looks so Dead

Link Building Guest BloggingMy fellow bloggers, I want you to read this email I received and convince me that guest blogging for SEO is still alive.

I am a professionally guest post writer. I write on several topics like food, shopping, beverage and so on. I came across your domain (domain name) while surfing through the Internet to find a suitable for writing articles. It is highly resourceful with rich and nice contents and has a vivid presentation. I must appreciate your hard work and wish you good luck.
I was wondering if you can allow me to write for your domain. I assure you to provide absolutely unique but relevant article so that it proves to be useful to your readers. I can discuss about “the subject”. I wish you consider this proposal and will wait for a reply from you.

If you are displeased with my email, I cordially regret in advance.


May 11

Pandora Figuring Out The Perfect Track

Pandora Failing

Pandora is

taking longer than expected to figure out the perfect track to play next.

The music should be playing soon, but if you get tired of waiting, try switching to one of your other stations.

Pandora probably couldn’t figure out which ad to play.

Dec 10

Taking HostDime to the Woodshed

Hey buddy, can you spare a HostDime? Here’s 2 cents…

HostDime Top 10 Bad Host List

This is not your usual web hosting top list. Credit hostexploit.com.

I wasn’t really that upset when I received a new invoice from HostDime after I had specifically requested that my account be cancelled. I followed the prescribed cancellation process and I was unsure why a new invoice created. Further, I could not login to the core support desk nor receive a password reset email. I asked HostDime make sure this invoice is voided per my previous cancellation request.

Later, HostDime fixed the problem and sent me a conciliatory email and even followed up with a call to find out why I was leaving. We’re cool. No problem.

I was a pretty loyal client and don’t have any major complaints.  I didn’t want to leave HostDime. I sort of liked their 24 hour phone support that other bargain hosts don’t dream of offering. Why was I cancelling my HostDime account after all these years? I was told by HostDime that I needed to move my few little wordpress blogs to a dedicated server because of resource overages.

So, that is exactly what I am doing.

These wordpress blogs and static sites get no more than 2000 visits per day, cumulatively. They are tiny. I was shut down 3 or 4 times for resource overages–a measurement that I have no insight into and have no way of knowing if I am over or under. In the last ticket that occurred this past June, my main site was shut down without notice. I discovered this myself and contacted HostDime and was told my site was suspended for resource usage.

Listen up, HostDime. When you tell someone to cancel their HostDime product, you may want to offer them an alternative product at HostDime, perhaps a discounted deal on a dedicated server. Don’t just tell them to leave! Don’t suspend a loyal client’s account for something he has no visibility into, not tell him of the suspension, then ask him to go to a new platform and not give him any options or even try to upsell a dedicated server. You could have sold me a VPS or dedicated server easily. Why didn’t you? I wanted one. I had to find one on my own.

Another sore spot was that I had contacted HostDime about working with the company on promoting them through the affiliate program and I didn’t feel like I received a very warm response. One particular blog I own ranks on the first page for some serious HostDime brand terms. As far as I know I have not had once single conversion over the many years this ranking has been maintained. Not one. And the search volume on your brand name is 3600 per month per the Google Keyword Tool. During that time, what was happening to all the new customers I am referred to HostDime? It seems strange that HostDime marketing would look the other way and fail to take note. Affiliate marketing is about relationships. Why didn’t you want to work with me, HostDime? I would if I were you. Your competition certainly does 🙂

Dec 10

Feeling Down?

Wikileaks.Org Down

Here’s how I’ll always remember you Julian.

Wikileaks is down today. What else is new? It looks like this is becoming the norm thanks to vigilante hackers. Where can Wikileaks.org host now?

Here’s what Firefox says about Wikileaks this morning:

Server not found

Firefox can’t find the server at www.wikileaks.org.

Check the address for typing errors such as
ww.example.com instead of

If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network

If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

A little tribute from DJ SMOB and Jeff Beck:

Well I’m going down
Down, down, down, down, down
I’m going down
Down, down, down, down, down
I’ve got my head out the window
And my big feet on the ground
She’s gone
Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
She’s gone
Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

Oct 10

Write For People

Design For Search Engines

Search engine is all about content material and each web optimization gurus have been attempting very laborious to optimize their pages just for the search engine and often forgetting that the tip user is definitely the human reader. It is of paramount significance that a page has to be written for humans and designed for search engines like google by way of SEO.

There may be nothing extra vital than creating unique content material for a site. In search engine optimisation, allocating key phrases within the title, header and bold HTML tags not only helps the reader to determine the topic of a web page easily nevertheless it additionally aids in optimization since search engine takes into consideration of the keywords in these tags.

Many writers are concerned concerning the excellent keyword density for the maximum advantage of SEO. Sadly, there are not any exhausting figures for a perfect key phrase percentage. An important issue when creating content material is to make it readable and unique. As long as the content is readable, there isn’t any need to comply with a set share of keyword density.

Designing a page to facilitate the indexing by the search engine bots is another necessary factor to think about subsequent to content creation. A web page with rich content with out listed by the search engine bots is equivalent to no content at all. To help the various search engines to search out the page, the navigation system and sitemap performs vital roles here. It is advisable to have text hyperlinks navigation in order that bots can spider all the internal pages smoothly. Avoid using JavaScript and Flash made navigation system because most bots will ignore them but designer can all the time include a set of text hyperlinks on the bottom of the web page where these sorts of navigation system are used to overcome this issue.

Some search engines like google place nice emphasis on the content material near the highest of a page. Subsequently, it is advisable to design the layout in such a manner that the content appears earlier than other components of the page. One example is to use the content material first CSS template; it permits the navigation to seem on the left of a page followed by the content but the content is the first to appear within the codes. This methodology helps search engine bots to identify the necessary content of a page and index them since they are placed near the top of a page. One other simple work around is to make use of a proper facet navigation menu.

The final word function of search engine marketing is to make it possible for the designated content seems in search engine based on the precise searches. Making the content material readable and designing the page for straightforward indexing ought to at all times be the primary priority for site owners when web optimization comes into play.

Thank you.

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Oct 10

Thesis Theme For WordPress Blogs

Thesis Theme – The Recommended Theme For WordPress Blogs

One major issue in website design is the use of functional but beautiful themes or “skins” for your web pages. If you’re a beginner or an advanced wordpress.org platform user, and you want to know which wordpress theme can really make your site stand out, read on…

Chris Pearson is the genius behind the WordPress theme called Thesis. Have you ever wondered why so many people are singing praises to this wordpress theme? First of all, it’s a high-quality template that’s also a clean slate for your own creativity. You can easily set up banners, videos and photos. The default settings are already so attractive that you may feel ok with keeping the original settings instead of doing further customizations. But if you’re feeling creative, you can easily personalize your wordpress theme.

Using the theme options, you can choose the number of columns you want for your blog or website to have. You can put borders around your post area. If you want the full-width look, you can easily change the original default settings and remove the sidebars. Change the size and layout of your website’s sidebars and content area. Choose the category or the pages you want to appear on your site’s main navigation bar. You can even have your menu links on your navigation bar.

Bloggers can benefit most with the way thesis theme is designed to make life easier for bloggers. You never have to mess with the php scripts or HTML to insert your google webmaster verification code on the header of your blog again. The same goes with the footer codes.

Thesis is more than just another pretty wordpress theme. Search engine optimization should be your main concern as a blogger, which makes Thesis the best website skin for you. Just using Thesis will make you more popular with the search engines. Easily instruct Thesis to use a title-description structure that makes your web pages more search engine friendly in the theme options page.

Who else could use Thesis to make their websites better? I can tell you that this theme is perfect for personal blogs, particularly if the blogger is not completely at ease with HTML and PHP codes.

Experienced bloggers will enjoy tweaking the theme according to their taste and preference. Affiliate marketers can easily create online websites that feature various products for sale. Video bloggers will love the feature area of the Thesis theme. Photo galleries can easily be updated and created on Thesis. If you’re a freelancer, you can create your portfolio with Thesis.

Visit the following website for more information on Thesis theme review and learn How to download WordPress

Oct 10

In the future, do not show this message

Got this message from Excel…

In the future, do not show this message

Whatever you say, Microsoft Office Excel

I guess it’s just a random message that had been suppressed for too long and needed to know if anyone still cared.

In the future, do not show this message

Hmm… Let me think… Okay, I say don’t show it again.

Sep 10

Google Analytics Subdomains Filter

Google Analytics Show Host Steps

Are you using Google Analytics to track subdomains on your site? Google Analytics does a great job of providing instructions to set up your tracking code if you have multiple domains. The instructions for setting up the corresponding filter are pretty good as well. But, it would be a lot easier if you could just see a screen shot of what the filter settings should look like. So, here’s that screen shot above. And, here is a link to the instructions for

Under Site Linking Considerations:

Content reports only show the request URI and not the domain
Once you have domain linking established, you will see only the request URI in the content reports, and not the top-level or sub-domain for a given page. So for example, for visits to the following pages:
— http://www.example.com/index.php and another page on
— http://sub.example.com/more.php
The reports will show:
— index.php
— more.php
You will not be able to distinguish which page is from which domain. To show the domain in the page reports, set a filter to include all components of the page URL, as follows:

1.In the Profile Settings page, click the Add Filter link.
2.Choose Add New Filter and provide the filter a name.
3.Choose Custom Filter and select Advanced on the Filter type settings.
4.Under Advanced settings:
1.FieldA should be set to Hostname
2.FieldB should be set to Request URI
5.Set the values for both Field A and Field B to (.*), which is an expression that captures all characters.
6.Set the Output To –> Constructor option to Request URI and provide $A1$B1 as the value for that choice.
Your reports will now show:
— www.example.com/index.php
— sub.example.com/more.php
This will capture the www.example.com portion of your URL and include that at the beginning of your page URL in the content reports section.

Jun 10

Blog And Website – The Differences

The undying battle between a blog and website to have the crown as the simplest way in advertising services by a company in the web is never ending. It’s an issue, till now, is yet to be decided. Marketing experts use both techniques to gain as much visitors as practical. But , what’s the real deal between the two strategies? To put an end to this question, here are the definitions of each. You be the judge which is better.

Blogging is a route for an individual to relay to people what she wish to say or publicize. It is vital to keep updating blogs every day because this will keep readers glued in to the internet site. Valuing clients and tending to their needs and inquiries as much as practicable for them to feel at ease and stay to it. Making a link in areas that has relevancy to your subject or products. When readers post comments, this can stir a dialogue between you and other viewers.

Blogs allow marketeers to post photos, text and videos online in a short period of time for nothing. Having a blog gives marketers the chance to reach out to web users around the planet in a more private way. Ensure blog posts contain useful information that will help a lots of spectators in their wants. Thought about as dynamic marketing, blogs can be simply done by any person in their own web site.

Web sites are regarded as more static compared with blogging. Advertisers can tell more about the products of the company. A detailed content is very much required in this marketing method. Unlike blogging where it needs regular updating, sites can be updated only when fresh products are available or a special offering.

Posting blogs in web sites can be a brilliant idea to keep your customers posted each time. Swapping links to other websites where both sites can benefit is a good way to push and publicize goods. Not only do you get to post your links freely but you also gain a new partner in the web business.

Nevertheless it is important to ensure that the subjects in the web site you chose and your website can relate to each other. Select a web site which has good standards, also because an internet site with a poor reputation online, can pull your web site down the drain with them.

Whether you choose a blog or website, it doesn’t matter. We have laid the good points and bad points of both, it is down to you what will you select and what fits your business needs better. Start choosing now in order to make either a blog or web site. Be prepared re the physical as well as the financial aspect of putting up a blog or a website. Good luck!

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Automated Traffic is a program by Jeff Dedrick that teaches users the core strategies and the various ways of setting up traffic-generation methods that, once set, become automated. And help you increase revenues from your site.

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