Digg Revolt Images

You have probably seen these if you tried to use Digg over the last several weeks. Sad. The old Digg is dead. Long live blah. I prefer the old less revolting digg errors. Do you think there will be enough users left for the next Digg Revolt.

Digg Broken Axle

Has the Digg 4 Broken Axle been repaired

Kevin Rose do the Right Thing

Did Kevin Rose do the Right Thing?

Digg Monster

It's Alive. Or It's Dead

Digg Blame Game

It wasn't my fault. Kevin did it!

Digg is Stuck in the River

Digg is Stuck in the River

Old Dogg: The New Digg?

Long Live Old Dogg

No more Digg revolt images. Look around and you might find more.

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