Is Dosh Dosh Dead?

Dosh Dosh Tombstone

I am one of many who enjoyed reading the blog written by social media poweruser DoshDosh/MakiMaki.

DoshDosh regularly blogged in detail about everything from making money online with Google AdSense to case studies. The frequency at which he turned out above average posts was remarkable and quite unmatched. Okay, doubters, tell me who matched DoshDosh/Maki? I’m listening. He was the best.

From the about page of

Dosh Dosh is a blog offering internet marketing and blogging tips, alongside social media strategies. Best consumed by bloggers, entrepreneurs, web publishers, marketers, freelancers and small business owners.

Dosh Dosh - screen cap

Dosh Dosh - screen cap

His Popularity? 34,000+ RSS Subscribers and large numbers of followers on major social networks.

He disappeared.

DoshDosh, aka Maki or MakiMaki has not dagg, stumbled, sphunn or tweeted in a while–that while being longer for social media denizens.

So what happened to Dosh Dosh? He’s either moved on and not active anymore, aka burned out. Or…

Is Dosh Dosh Dead?

While, I am not one to wax morbid, I noticed that one blogger speculated that Dosh Dosh was dead. Let’s look at Dosh Dosh/Maki around the web on various social media sites where he lives/lived.


Last Tweet: Gotta head out for class. Be back later.2:15 PM Sep 17th from TweetDeck

Last Digg: 04/29/2009
Last Digg Submission: 05/14/2009


Last Stumble: autorave‘s last login was “4 months ago” as recorded by Stumbleupon.


Last Sphinn: 200+ Days ago

Has Dosh Dosh Updated his Blogging Software?
Ah, but I know one sure way to discern if Dosh Dosh/Maki is still alive. If he is alive, he would have updated his blog software as any good blogger would, no? So, I checked and is runing WordPress 2.8.4 which is not the current version of WordPress, yet not very old. The release date of WordPress 2.8.4, a security release was August 12, 2009, which predates the September 15th Twitter post, the last known communication which Dosh Dosh/Maki made with the social media community. So, this doesn’t really help. We are still stuck with not being able to show that he was alive any later than September 12th.

Dead? Or is DoshDosh aka Maki a victim of social media burnout?

Dosh Dosh, this is not intended as an obituary. If you are still there, please do not take this post as mere link bait but as a plea to make yourself known. In honesty, there are many of your fans out here who miss your thoughtful posts and would like to hear something from you, even if it’s just a quick post to let us know you are alive.

Update: He’s alive! I am happy to report that this post coincided almost precisely with the reappearance of Maki on Twitter and a few fresh posts on Still no activity on Digg for some time now. But, anyways, we’re glad to know you’re alive. If anyone knows the reason behind the lengthy disappearance, please post.

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  1. Great news for fans of DoshDosh/Maki!

    He’s tweeting again as of 8:57 AM Nov 3rd and we even have a new post on November 5th, 2009!

    • but I just open and still got blank page on there.
      do u know what happened?
      I’m one of DoshDosh fans

  2. what goes around comes around: all blogs should you do follow.

  3. I am really a great fan of dosh dosh i want this blog back soon

  4. Aury (Thunderdrake)

    I also find his disappearance odd. He’s local to me. I figured I’d take him out for a coffee.

    Man! So strange..
    .-= Aury (Thunderdrake)´s last blog ..Hoarding Dragon Basics – Investing in Precious Metals =-.

  5. Man, this is crazy. If someone is not blogging doesn’t mean that he’s dead. What a stupid idea for a blog post! Sounds like those TV channels who churn out non-existing ‘breaking news’ on speculations
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  6. Clinical Research

    I have heard about dosh dosh but never been to the blog. It was when i was very much curious to make money through blogging was the time when i heard about it!

    Not got a chance to visit it but just read that its dead is not good to hear 🙁 . But was happy to know when i read your update!

    I think it would be a great chance to visit the blog and know what has made it so popular!

    Anyhow, just to intimate you, i have bookmarked your blog in my delicious account and will be revisiting it always to keep myself updated in this social media world 🙂

  7. Maki is local to me, too. Toronto.
    What has he stopped blogging? Anyone heard from him recently? Why has he stopped??

    • I wish I knew why Maki doesn’t at least check in with the followers of I’m sure he could figure out a clever post to communicate why he is no longer blogging 🙂

      Just found this tweet from DoshDosh. Apparently he was busy with school:
      @lenstrom @razvanalexa @DavidARollins Hello, hello! I will blog again soon…. hopefully!

  8. Hi, his site is down and he had a link to a list of over 1000 blog directories, does anyone have a link to the list?


    Apparently Maki has gone back to school, he is only 14 years old!

  9. 14 years old and writing content like that? If that were the case then that kid never had a childhood… let alone never spent any time outside the internet. I’m not sure if I could believe that, yet, who knows, maybe this guy is a rich kid. His ‘disappearance’ could be a gorilla PR stunt, or maybe he is a rich kid who has a waning interest in a project his wealthy parents help set him up with. It could be one or the other. I mean, the dude has been known to evaporate every now and then, and that only happens when you have other interests that have higher desirable results than what you were working on. But in all honesty… what could have higher results than a pr6 blog, that has a 30k+ rss following…. did he really run that many sites outside of doshdosh, or was he just an internet entrepreneur’s rich kid?! Hmm…. the signs point to ==> spoiled. Any sane business person would have done something with it instead of put a blank html page up.

  10. Last I heard, he was finishing his psychology degree. 14 years old? Are you kidding me?

  11. Does anyone know what happened to Maki? For more than a year now, there is no trace of him anywhere on the Internet. I hope just just moved on to bigger things or moved to a deserted island to start a family, or something like that.

  12. No one seems to know for sure. Strange that he wouldn’t at least make a statement. Maki if you’re there please reply in this thread.

  13. Maki is really an intelligent teenager, I even haven’t realized that the author is very young. Youth today are really adventurous.
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  14. For some reason “Dosh Dosh” popped into my head today and this is what I found. Interesting how people still remember the blog.
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  15. gosh!!! i haven’t seen for a while,even after 3 years i cant even figure out the reason why he is dead.His blog is however cached and mirrored may be you guys should go through that.

  16. It was a great blog.
    But I guess this blogger lost his inspiration and probably got busy with something else…

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