Facebook FAIL

Facebook Fail

Can you spot the failure in this Facebook page?

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  1. Face book fail! What did you mean

  2. materialstito got it. I would have thought a company like facebook would be able to afford a spell-checker 🙂

  3. Even knowing what to look for it still took me 10 minutes to spot it! Dyslexia is very weird. But I’d rather be dyslexic and creative than being a good spelleir (!!)

    Oh and yes, I do use a spell checker, well most of the time…

  4. Well, i’ve got it too !
    Sounds like 5 min to spot it too..
    Strange that they didn’t put on their spell checker hmmm ?

  5. Well, so far I have never found an error on my facebook. but I do not like, such as the status and image data that can spread freely. after a long time, I also tired to use facebook. There are many cases and never experienced problems because of facebook. his name is man-made, there will be advantages and disadvantages.

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