Finding a WordPress Theme Developer

The WordPress LogoI spent about a day looking for WordPress theme developers, filtering through their qualifications and portfolios to see if they had the ability to design a WordPress Theme of the sort I wanted. I’d tried several WordPress developers in the past with mixed results. The biggest complaints I have are that they are either slow or do a poor job with the aesthetics. Well, I looked through the entire Automattic list that I found at:

I figured these should be the best of the best, getting an Automattic listing. I went through almost the entire list and found thirteen candidates whose work I liked. I contacted them all.

What were the results of my inquiries?

Only 5 of these Automattic listed WordPress devs got back to me. Of the five, one developer was kind enough to tell me he was too busy to meet my schedule and refer me to a friend. A second was outlandishly expensive (I’d rather have purchased a sports car). A third was reasonably priced but failed in being punctual. Two turned out great! So, I went through so many many developers just to find the two developers who were qualified and reasonably priced. It took about a day.

Yeah, it was worth it.

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