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Flickr, I will nofollow you to the gates of Hell!

Flickr, once a popular source of dofollow links for SEOs has recently turned its links to nofollow automatically! Whereas you could link to your site(s) before and pass juice, now external links are nofollowed.

Sphinn Flickr Nofollow post…

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  1. We all have to differentiate our sources of links.

  2. Yes, I agree. I think some SMO’ers invested quite a lot there and I guess their assumption was that it would always be followed. I know mine was. I guess any site can go nofollow at any time, these days.

  3. Basically Google strives for 2 things. Transparency and Relevance! For Relevant Texts and Visuals. Therefore NoFollow Policy of e.g. Flickr is a Bad Development.


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