Google LOL

Google LOL

Meet the Google AdWords approved directory submission advertisers coming up for the keyword search:

niche directory submission

Can it be any more obvious?

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  1. North Wales SEO

    I gave one of these services a whirl just to see if anything happened on a pretty dead domain I had – nothing! This I got 5 useless links instead of the ‘1000 high PR links’.

    Ya got to laugh…

  2. Yeah, throw up a ton of links and hope a few stick. Still a lot of those directories around.

  3. Referencement Montpellier

    Sorry, but I don’t understand why SEO can use Google Adwords ?
    I’m not sure that people click on advertising.

  4. HAHAHA. poking fun at google being all high and mighty yet are taking paid advertisements for something they “penalty” for. Come on G just accept it or deny it don’t get all mad and take money tricking “less informed” seo’s.

  5. I gave one among these services a whirl simply to envision if something happened on a fairly dead domain I had โ€“ nothing! This I got five useless links rather than the โ€˜1000 high PR linksโ€™.

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