Google Sidewiki Forced me to Press OK

I don’t care what Google Sidewiki does or how important they think it is, but I was forced to view an ad about it appearing from the Google Toolbar today. I think pretty highly of the guys at Mountain View, but was appalled that Sidewiki was being promoted as adware in the Google Toolbar.  I didn’t ask for it. I don’t want it. I don’t agree to it. Google, STOP!


I happened to be reading a tweet from Gerald Weber‘s Twitter page when I the Sidewiki thing appeared.

New from Toolbar

Sidewiki allows you to add helpful information beside any web page

Read insights from other users

Ads don’t bother me. But not being able to close an ad does bother me. Clicking the escape key does nothing. Pressing enter does nothing. The only way to remove the Sidewiki ad? Press OK. Well, Sidewiki team, I’m not “OK” with submitting to you, especially since it is not clear what I am getting or not getting when I press “OK.” Usability anyone? Google, I won’t be forced to submit to Sidewiki.

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  1. This is what happens when Google wants to push for a new product.

  2. No wonder they are pushing for it, sidewiki fits nicely well to their long term profit orientation strategy. It just takes some valuable real estate from websites and allow trolls, spammers and others to post “graffiti” on your website. True not everyone will see it, but given Google’s size and the average web user’s ignorance, people will be led to believe that those comments are really from the webpages they are viewing. How many computers do you think have the google toolbar?

    And its only a matter of time before Google monetizes that space with contextual, personalized adsense/adwords ads.

    And Google, I wont be forced to show sidewiki comments on my sites.

    And here’s a blog post about the toolbar spying even after being uninstalled.

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