Why Guest Blogging for SEO Looks so Dead

Link Building Guest BloggingMy fellow bloggers, I want you to read this email I received and convince me that guest blogging for SEO is still alive.

I am a professionally guest post writer. I write on several topics like food, shopping, beverage and so on. I came across your domain (domain name) while surfing through the Internet to find a suitable for writing articles. It is highly resourceful with rich and nice contents and has a vivid presentation. I must appreciate your hard work and wish you good luck.
I was wondering if you can allow me to write for your domain. I assure you to provide absolutely unique but relevant article so that it proves to be useful to your readers. I can discuss about “the subject”. I wish you consider this proposal and will wait for a reply from you.

If you are displeased with my email, I cordially regret in advance.


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  1. SMO Company in India

    Guest blogging means posting blogs on some other authors blog, it is the best method of getting followed backlinks to a site, but the crap here is many bloggers just do guest blogging for getting links, they do not look for the relevancy or the trustworthiness of the blog they are guest blogging on, this is the main reason that makes guest blogging dead, one has to be selective while choosing the blogs for guest posting.

  2. With Google’s implementation of Authorship, this means that your social profile is associated with your blog posts, wherever they might be placed. This is part and parcel of Google’s push toward Author Rank, about which they’ve released dozens of patents over the years. Their goal is to connect authority via the author of articles, which means that guest blogging will continue to play a role, but as a quick and easy “win” it’s days are numbered. Hopefully, we’ll see guest blogging done for the right reasons, by truly related experts who have a reason to cross post and not just a scheme for links.
    Jeremy Rivera recently posted…Did you know? How to add a new user to RavenMy Profile

  3. Guest blogging absolutely help to increase the links as well we can quickly attain the organic traffic of website.Few months back people used to blogging as their passion or to write good things but now most people blog just to get backlinks for their website promotion that’s why blogging is losing out of the list.

  4. In my opinion it’s not so much about the guest post, but to benefit from the interaction that comes with it. The same goes for getting comments on your blog.
    The ‘social media’ and the possibility to share your blog with ‘other readers’ results in interaction – and that’s a good thing.
    Posting awesome content is even more important…
    Jan Bierens recently posted…Tweeps I have met (on the Internet) 2nd EditionMy Profile

  5. Blackhawk London

    Love it, very creative. The problem is that high visibility in the serps is so valuable, everyone just piles in based on what appears to be the current best practice, but google of course sees this very clearly. A little bit of everything works well for seo, not just 1 tactic, and my bet remains on social activity being the best play for future success.

  6. I personally would not write articles for someone else just for advertising or a back-link, but that is just me obviously there are other willing to do it such as the gentlemen that emailed you.. As for the email he did a good job all the way up to the last sentence, really poor closing and I am sure you felt the same way when you finished reading the final words of the email talking about displeasure and regret, very negative words to use when concluding a message.
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  7. Totally agree with the comments above. No guest blogging seems dead. The mere fact that someone post a blog on you is good enough not just for the sake of backlinks, but there’s a connection established here which keeps your blogs alive.IMO

  8. Guest blogging still works as wonders for SEO as well however, people have started abusing this strategy itself thus is losing its value by the time.

  9. Guest blogging still provide benefit regardless the reduction of its effectiveness. worse case it can still bring new visitors to your website years to come.
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  10. Really guest blogging has become more effectual and beneficial, It is useful for acquiring more backlinks. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well I am totally opposite to you an believe that Guest Blogging gives the maximum link juice to the website. I myself have received wonderful results from this.

    Thanks for the insight !
    Abhishek Jain recently posted…A Complete Overview to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)My Profile

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