Paid Search can be Dumb

Paid Search is Dumb

Used Toilet Paper Anyone? Those paid search geeks think they are so smart with all of their acronyms-ROAS, CTR, CPO, etc. I only need one acronym: SMO

I doubt the brands of these advertisers will be hurt but it does seem there should be some way to suppress dumb ads from showing. Of course, why was someone searching for used toilet paper in the first place? Perhaps the person was burned by paid search once and has a bias 🙂

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  1. SiteOne Web Design

    How bizarre! I do all the SEO for the company I work for but a collegue does the Adwords. He will always get extra budget for Adwords but to get any extra budget for backlinking is like getting blood out of a stone. in fact no budget would be more acurate! This is despite me proving time and again that organic is best.

    Recently Google recommended a 50% increase in adwords spend on our account and they blindly went for it! I wonder what the ROI will be at the end of it???

    • Don’t get me started. Paid search always gets the budget because they can measure results in the short term.

      Wow, how amazing that Google recommended increasing AdWords spend 🙂 Would they ever recommend decreasing spend, I wonder?

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