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About SMO Blogger

What is SMO?
SMO is short for social media optimzation and you might say that blog is short for weblog.

Who am I?
I am a rock guitarist who was injured in a PC gaming accident and am now addicted to social media.

What am I trying to Accomplish?
You might say this is my “real blog.” This blog gives me the freedom to say what I want. I can speak freely and openly in ways that I could not on other official blogs that I post to. My voice here is uncensored. I hope this SMO blog turns out to be something useful for us both.

My Take on SMO
Social media optimization aka SMO is a curious phrase. It has been around for many years but has never really managed to become popular. Never mind the fact that everyone is is trying to do it with few succeeding.

Search is part of the SMO equation. Google’s index is growing and applying more filters all the time. Search engines are pruning social media and displaying only the very highest quality and most linked to properties (ah recall the lists of top social media sites that used to go around). Search engines display social media in real time so you have to make your SMO efforts count.  Search engines are also starting to aggregate and link together social media profiles on the Internet so that they can try and determine who this person is behind them and this create value for their users.

What does this mean for you as a blogger? For you as a person has a social media profile? For you if your business has an opportunity to participate in social media and possibly to pay to optimize it?

Engaging in SMO means that you will be looking at the optimal way to configure all of your social media assets on the Internet and get the best performance. Make your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other assets all complement each other and send the right signals both to customers and to search engines.