Social Networking For Business

Social networking spaces on the Web, including such sites as MySpace and Facebook have begun to catch the attention of thousands people from all over the world.

Social networks are very popular among young people and are usually considered as online places where users can virtually meet each other in order to establish friendships, relationships and express their opinions, thoughts, share the passion, interests and hobbies.

However the purpose of networking sites may be purely social, while others may focus on establishing business connections as networking is also the business of engaging and interacting with other internet users in a particular online space that’s why Social Networking can become a perfect, free marketing tool in a hand of an entrepreneur.

Websites such as Myspace, Facebook or any other social networks are great places where the marketer can easily spread the word about his business around the other net workers and create his own audience that might be a source of new potential customers or business partners. The fact is that social networking sites are being visited by a meaningful percentage of internet users expressing various interests what makes targeting product to the right people much easier.

The Functionality of social networking websites including features such us: viewable personal profiles, blogs, interactive “friends” lists, customizable themes and layouts, automatic address book updates, the ability to form new links through “introduction services,” and loads of other forms of online
social connections enable marketer to create professional and relevant “e-business card” that will attract new net workers paying attention to the promoted product.

How to promote on Social Networking sites

– creating personalized profile

Building and personalizing marketer’s own profile is the first thing that has to be done before any promoting steps are taken. Personalization is a very important factor that help building the authority and trust. It can be easily achieved by creating “about myself” short story including informations regarding interests, hobbies, education, particular achievements in business field and off course proper links or banners to business websites or promoted products. All the information and biography need to be supported with professional looking personal photograph or business logo.

– final adjustments

Using specific features of particular social networking website, the marketer is enabled to adjust his profile to his own visual and compositional preferences, that will fit his company’s or product image.

– it’s time to make some friends

The SN site’s concept of connecting with other people enable it’s users to make new online friendships in a short period of time and this fact should be considered by marketer as a prior factor for marketing his business.

In order to promote product efficiently it needs to be exposed to as big targeted audience as possible.

Most of social networks sites includes advanced search tools that can be used to find people having particular interests and hobbies preferable by a marketer.

Once desirable members have been found it’s time to send them friend requests. This way the marketer collect more visitors to his business profile and get higher exposure.

– being selective is crucial

While online entrepreneur market his product making friendships with selected SN members he might receive friend invitations as well. The important thing is to be selective and approve only requests from net workers who might positively influence business campaign.

– influencer the most desirable kind of visitor

Sometimes some of “collected” friends may become so-called influencers who believing in the value of the product will pass the message about it to their own friends. As a result the size of audience get increased over time which means more chances to get potential customers and business partners.

Finally Social Networking is an long term activity making new influencing relationships that might bring a huge benefits and get the business to the next level.

About The Author: Daniel Gebura is an experienced online marketer who helps ordinary people to build a successful home business.To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:

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  1. SiteOne Web Design

    I really never bothered with social networking for business marketing – thought it was a complete waste of time. But, I now have to admit I was wrong and in recent months I’ve grasped the nettle so to speak.

    from an SEO point of view socal bookmarking is definitely a goer (imagine the link juice you would receive if ya got on the homepage of Digg!!) and I really like Squidoo for promoting niche products or services.

    For for social networking to work for a business, that business really does have to have appeal. I do work for a company selling fires and fireplaces and their Facebook fan page pretty much only has employees registered. Not that the company is crap – it’s just the subject matter is crap!

    Advertising on Facebook is also worth considering. You can tailor your advertising based on gender and age to really focus onto ya target market.

    One tip I would throw in is download the NoDoFollow Firefox Addon. It allows you to visibly see whether links are nofollow or not. Great to find out where ya gonna get ya back links from!

  2. Appreciate the thoughts and tips, SiteOne. I’ve come a long way myself in terms of becoming a believer in the business application of social media. I have to say I have seen people take crappy subjects and turn them into interesting posts–even making the front page of digg. Takes a bit of creativity.

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