Jul 10

CJ Pay Per Call Looking Good

cj pay-per-call diagram

Commission Junction’s pay-per-call platform has been around for about a year or so, I’m guessing. The technology comes from Ring Revenue and several other affiliate networks besides CJ have deployed it and invited merchants to try it out. When it first was announce, I perked up because I know that in many campaigns, phone leads are more numerous and close easier than form leads. I marked that down on my things-to-test list and moved on.

Now that much time has passed, I see that the number of merchants signing on to the CJ pay-per-call platform is increasing. There were just a few, maybe six or eight when it first launched. Now, I it is in the high thirties.

What does it actually do? CJ Pay Per Call enables

tracking of leads and sales when consumers choose calling over clicking.

Pay Per Call advertising partnerships allow publishers to:

  • Get paid for driving calls
  • Earn higher commissions for delivering more qualified leads and sales
  • Promote a greater variety of online and offline products and services

Besides being easy to setup and manage, CJ assures publishers of the platform’s:

  • Toll-free trackable numbers unique to you
  • Reliable real-time tracking
  • Intuitive interface
  • Campaign transparency
  • Real-time reporting

It looks like payout is anywhere from around $1.00 to $25.00 and from what I can tell, the conversions appear to be good.

cj pay-per-call example

So who are the advertisers on this potentially sweet platform?

Looking at the list below with search volumes from the Google Keyword Tool, you can see that the big brand home services, healthcare and insurances names are the ones to target in organic search.

Pay Per Call Advertisers

So, I finally signed up with an advertiser. If I am approved, I’ll get a phone number for my advertiser, select placement and see what kind of results I get! I’ve got a good feeling about this. Thoughts on pay-per-call?