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Bring Back the Old Digg!

Bring Digg Back PleaseHere are a few of the many voices speaking out against Digg 4.

MrBabyMan: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/3cje4o

KevinRose @Digg_community Please don’t let individual content curation die out for the sake of RSS auto-fed publisher accounts. I’ve been telling the Digg team this since I was invited to Digg HQ to test the V4 alpha earlier this year. Publisher accounts are currently dominating Digg’s front page. I completely understand the financial need to engage publishers, but without the individual-user posts that, in my opinion, made Digg a unique destination for original content, the new Digg has no more relevance than a Popurls or an Alltop (sorry, Guy), merely repeating (relinking) what everyone else is linking.

Digg User yanko1975: http://digg.com/yanko1975

Why having a friend’s submits section is important.
1) Removal of a friend’s submits section from Digg increases Power user’s power.
2) Allows you to track your friends submits over time.
3) Allows you to search your friends submits.
4) Allows non power users to see their friends’ submits.

Power users already have a network outside of Digg, be it a Blog, Facebook, Twitter or other means to up vote their friends submits.
You are not prohibiting Power User’s Activities.
You are as dumb as DRM!
You are punishing Average Users, preventing Average Users from enjoying your site.

Why the Bury option is important.
1) Allows good to get to the top, and filters out the bad.
2) Empowers the Digg users for good, and yes evil.
3) Gives Digg users the ability to control the News.

What makes Digg different than RSS feeds is that Digg was controlled by the Diggers.
The Report button introduced a 3rd party with power over what users read.
This effectively destroys the sense of the community Digg once had, by removing the Digg users’ ability to control the News.

How to deal with Digg Patriots w/o removing the bury button!?!
– Analysis of how Digg Patriots work.
– Digg Patriots have built a social network to control what type of news hits the front page.
– Strategy: As a group they target stories to bury.

Counter strategy: Do Diggers like the DPs?
– The only people who like what the Digg Patriots do are the DPs.
– Put a tab for the “Most Buried News” in 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.
– Let the Digg and Bury War Begin!!!

Why Edit needs a preview button

1) You give us 90 seconds to edit, what do you want, speed editing? Give us a preview button.

Why the Comments Section is important.
1) It allows the users of Digg to communicate with each other.
2) It is the Social part of Social Media.
3) Comments are the conversation on Digg. Why is it so horribly mangled?

What is the problem with the current Comments system?
– Difficult to find/reply to replies.
– No email notification of replies to your comments.
– No options for how Comments are shown

In a nut shell, it is nearly impossible to keep a conversation on Digg at the moment because the comment system is so horribly managed. There are several new aspects that I do not like, but I would rather you fix these first.
Because the Current Comment System is so horrible, it is killing two way conversations.
What Triggers, “Slow down there partner, you almost broke an axle.”
1) Up Arrow
2) Up Arrow Comment
3) Down Arrow Comment
4) Comment
5) Reply to Comment
6) Change Fallow/Fallowing setting
Everything, every thing you do on Digg, triggers that message. Are they on different timers? No, of course not this is Digg V4.

Why is this bad? You are interrupting Digg users from:
– Up Arrow News they like
– Up Arrow comments they like
– Down Arrow comments they do not like
– Commenting
– Replying to other’s Comments
– Adding people that they like to Fallowing
– Removing people they do not like to Fallow
You are prohibiting all activity on your site, at the same time. Everything is on the same timer. Blind Up Voting is treated the same as posting commenting, replying, or anything else on the list above.

I understand why you want a timer, to curtail the activity of Power Users.
However, you are punishing ALL users for Any Activity on your site.
How many, broken axles do you expect users to wait?

Redmond Pie http://www.redmondpie.com/8-reasons-why-the-new-digg-v4-totally-sucks/

So the Digg v4 was launched yesterday. A monster full of bugs as if no testing was done before it was made available to public on a busy day at a busy hour. Bugs weren’t the only thing which made me think that way, everything about new digg seems like it was never tested.

I have been very active on Digg for a very long time and below are my finding about what I think is wrong with the new digg.

1. My News is full of uninteresting stories and spam

Spamming Digg has never been this easy. In fact that’s the only thing I actually saw in “My News”. “My News” is cluttered with the stories that the people you have been following either submitted or dugg. In terms of old digg, you could consider it something like Recommendations Engine. But, it’s different. Recommendations Engine picked up the stories which could be of interest to you from upcoming (stories submitted within 24 hours) while “My News” shows stories even from 10 days ago, if it’s recently dugg by a following digger.

2. Duplicates

Everyone hates duplicates, and everyone hates them more if they both make it to front page and it gets even nauseous if you don’t have the ability to bury one of those. While Digg v3 had a bad duplicate detector, at least it had it. And to make sure, I’d check all the submissions from that specific category by sorting them by most dugg, to make sure there is no submission about that already in the upcoming section which is of course impossible to do now. I could see a story running as much as 5 times today since there is no real way to detect duplication.

3. RSS submissions sure is a bad idea

With auto-rss-submissions, My News gets even more cluttered with blogs like Gizmodo publishing as much as 70 entries a day while it’s certain that all of them weren’t supposed to be submitted to Digg. It gets worse if you are following a news source because they publish hundreds of stories a day.

With auto submissions, the title, description and categories are auto chosen too. Taking that into consideration, how would this top 10 lists blog auto submit the content and into what category?

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