Oct 10

Google LOL

Google LOL

Meet the Google AdWords approved directory submission advertisers coming up for the keyword search:

niche directory submission

Can it be any more obvious?

Aug 10

1&1 on Twitter

Want to see something funny? It wasn’t that long ago that I was ranting about 1&1 suckage. Now, I randomly look at my Tweetdeck and see this appear…

1and1 on Twitter

Sep 09

Sphinn Stalking

I felt a little uneasy the day I saw that I was “stalking” a female SEO on Sphinn.com, Danny Sullivan’s social media news site for search. No worries, in Sphinn v2, stalkers have been decriminalized and replaced by the more politically correct “followers.”

Sphinn Stalking SEO Woman

We can all feel a little better about ourselves now. Kudos Sphinn for trying something different!