Jan 11

Google Postini Thinks Google Places is Spam

Google Postini Blocking Google Places

Google Apps aka Google Postini is a spam blocking service that works rather well if you can ever get it configured on your server. Thanks, Google for buying Postini (notice how I just assume Google purchased this company instead of developed it in-house at Google Labs).

All SEO practitioners know that Google prefers algorithmic solutions over manual pulls. Well, it looks like that practice has carried through to their spam blocking email software, Postini, which thinks that the Google Places email carries all the hallmarks of spam. Of course, there is one possibility worth considering. What is this is actually not from Google and someone is spoofing Google?

Oct 10

Google LOL

Google LOL

Meet the Google AdWords approved directory submission advertisers coming up for the keyword search:

niche directory submission

Can it be any more obvious?