Apr 11

Google History – A Glance Back

Google History

A lot of folks wonder what the word “Google” actually means. Old schoolers recall that it’s a rephrasing of the word, “googol,” which is the mathematical speak determines 1 adopted by a hundred zeros. Depending on the degree of passion you have for math, that is both the greatest or most tard-worthy name for a search engine company. Despite the name. It stuck.

The Rub

Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-based Google in January of 1996, then known as BackRub. The boys had been in the early twenties and basic computer geeks. Sergey was born in Moscow, alum of the College of Michigan and visiting Stanford. Larry was assigned to be his guide. Throughout this go to, they obviously hit it off or immediately no person would give a hoot about linking strategies.

Although men and the title “BackRub” may elevate some questions, the title actually referred to a way for producing search engine rankings. Particularly, the BackRub search engine was designed to investigate the “oneway links” to a site. Though BackRub developed a following with these in the know, nothing a lot happened for a few years.


As with most new companies, the boys wanted some severe cash. The brass at Yahoo’s eyebrows were raised momentarily, but eventually the interest subsided. Sun Microsystems, of all firms, provided an answer. Andy Bechtolsheim was one of the founders of Solar and, thus, had the mandatory deep pockets. $100,000 later, the new search engine firm was on the way in which to stardom.

New Name

As legend has it, BackRub turned Google for a somewhat humorous reason. Apparently, Bechtolsheim unintentionally made the $100k try to “Google, Inc.” You may make your individual guess as to which one of many boys mentioned, “Hey, I have an concept for a new name.” In September of 1998, Google opened a small office in Menlo Park, California. The rest, as they say, is history.

Immediately, Google is based in Mountain View, California. Google prefers electronic mail communication, but you can get a stay voice by calling (650) 623-4000. If you happen to actually want to speak to them, refuse a cost from the company on the credit card you utilize for Adwords. They may contact you pretty rapidly!

The company went public in 2004 [GOOG] and started trading around 100 to 125 USD range and now has a stock value of many times that. Larry and Sergey are sickeningly wealthy. One can assume that Andy Bechtolsheim is also doing all right.

The Future

In the last year or so, Google has actually received its fair share of criticism. PageRank is almost useless in relation to ranking in search results. At the time of this writing, PageRank hasn’t worked for three days, which implies a change, shuffle, dance or whatever you need to name it’s coming.

On the competitors front, issues are a bit murky. It appears per week doesn’t go by and not using a patent lawsuit being filed against the company. MSN and Yahoo have began to lift the extent of competition and extra shall be coming. Google’s reliance on AOL as a visitors supply is also a bit troubling given the continuous lack of market share by the corporate that almost brought Time Warner down. Gmail is dogged by patent points, not to point out questions on violations of the privateness of users. All and all, issues are not as rosy compared to a couple years in the past, however they will hardly be known as bad.

Your guess is nearly as good as mine in relation to predicting if Google will change into just another search engine. Personally, I think it is going to, but not due to any of the above. As an alternative, the evolution of the Internet suggests there will likely be a subsequent “huge thing.” Who knows, possibly Google will get a Grub [Grub.org] in its Nutch [Nutch.org].

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Jan 11

Google Postini Thinks Google Places is Spam

Google Postini Blocking Google Places

Google Apps aka Google Postini is a spam blocking service that works rather well if you can ever get it configured on your server. Thanks, Google for buying Postini (notice how I just assume Google purchased this company instead of developed it in-house at Google Labs).

All SEO practitioners know that Google prefers algorithmic solutions over manual pulls. Well, it looks like that practice has carried through to their spam blocking email software, Postini, which thinks that the Google Places email carries all the hallmarks of spam. Of course, there is one possibility worth considering. What is this is actually not from Google and someone is spoofing Google?

Oct 10

Google LOL

Google LOL

Meet the Google AdWords approved directory submission advertisers coming up for the keyword search:

niche directory submission

Can it be any more obvious?

Mar 10

Weird Google

Weird Google Search Results

I got the above when I was searching on Google for a SMO product I heard about on a podcast called knowem. It basically helps companies reserve their social media profiles across the multitude of social sites, keep away squatters, that type of stuff. Apparently my desktop brought up a page that was intended for mobile.

Weird Google Search Results2

I have no idea what this error means. It seems to be saying that a previous page (a google search results page) is sending me to a TechCrunch page. Why would Google provide a warning about a redirect from google.com?

I invite your opinions about these two screen caps.

Dec 09

Google Sidewiki Forced me to Press OK

I don’t care what Google Sidewiki does or how important they think it is, but I was forced to view an ad about it appearing from the Google Toolbar today. I think pretty highly of the guys at Mountain View, but was appalled that Sidewiki was being promoted as adware in the Google Toolbar.  I didn’t ask for it. I don’t want it. I don’t agree to it. Google, STOP!


I happened to be reading a tweet from Gerald Weber‘s Twitter page when I the Sidewiki thing appeared.

New from Toolbar

Sidewiki allows you to add helpful information beside any web page

Read insights from other users

Ads don’t bother me. But not being able to close an ad does bother me. Clicking the escape key does nothing. Pressing enter does nothing. The only way to remove the Sidewiki ad? Press OK. Well, Sidewiki team, I’m not “OK” with submitting to you, especially since it is not clear what I am getting or not getting when I press “OK.” Usability anyone? Google, I won’t be forced to submit to Sidewiki.

Jun 09

Google Webmaster Tools Saved my Butt

Serps - Saved by Google Webmaster Tools

It happened one summer in 2006.

I had just started my new job as SEO campaign manager for a well-known agency in a well known U.S. city.  One of my tasks was to deal the the problem of a particular Web site’s lack of organic search performance.  This site had done well for the agency because it had helped bring on board a very large paid search account which had resulted in a great deal of revenue. This site had about 100 articles and was completely search engine friendly in terms of on-site SEO and running a propriety CMS that seemed stable.  Word around the office was that the site was becoming very important for the company’s organic search initiatives.

I was flummoxed. I’d done everything I knew how to make the site rank for the keywords. So, I set out to do some serious link building and link building I did. Still, no movement in the SERPS.

Then, one day as I plowed through the Google SERPs I began to notice that the actual title tags from the site were not appearing. Instead, I saw “Untitled” or simply the domain name.

Something spurred me to look in this new Google Webmaster Tools product that had been launched a while back. I did this and noticed a message stating the site files had been blocked from crawling via robots.txt.

So, immediately I checked the Robots.txt file and saw:

# go away User-agent: * Disallow: /

How could I be so dumb? Immediately I contacted IT to remove this. Apparenlty they had pushed the robots.txt file from the deve server to the live server and the robots.txt file had been included with it.

Thanks Google!