Dec 10

Taking HostDime to the Woodshed

Hey buddy, can you spare a HostDime? Here’s 2 cents…

HostDime Top 10 Bad Host List

This is not your usual web hosting top list. Credit hostexploit.com.

I wasn’t really that upset when I received a new invoice from HostDime after I had specifically requested that my account be cancelled. I followed the prescribed cancellation process and I was unsure why a new invoice created. Further, I could not login to the core support desk nor receive a password reset email. I asked HostDime make sure this invoice is voided per my previous cancellation request.

Later, HostDime fixed the problem and sent me a conciliatory email and even followed up with a call to find out why I was leaving. We’re cool. No problem.

I was a pretty loyal client and don’t have any major complaints.  I didn’t want to leave HostDime. I sort of liked their 24 hour phone support that other bargain hosts don’t dream of offering. Why was I cancelling my HostDime account after all these years? I was told by HostDime that I needed to move my few little wordpress blogs to a dedicated server because of resource overages.

So, that is exactly what I am doing.

These wordpress blogs and static sites get no more than 2000 visits per day, cumulatively. They are tiny. I was shut down 3 or 4 times for resource overages–a measurement that I have no insight into and have no way of knowing if I am over or under. In the last ticket that occurred this past June, my main site was shut down without notice. I discovered this myself and contacted HostDime and was told my site was suspended for resource usage.

Listen up, HostDime. When you tell someone to cancel their HostDime product, you may want to offer them an alternative product at HostDime, perhaps a discounted deal on a dedicated server. Don’t just tell them to leave! Don’t suspend a loyal client’s account for something he has no visibility into, not tell him of the suspension, then ask him to go to a new platform and not give him any options or even try to upsell a dedicated server. You could have sold me a VPS or dedicated server easily. Why didn’t you? I wanted one. I had to find one on my own.

Another sore spot was that I had contacted HostDime about working with the company on promoting them through the affiliate program and I didn’t feel like I received a very warm response. One particular blog I own ranks on the first page for some serious HostDime brand terms. As far as I know I have not had once single conversion over the many years this ranking has been maintained. Not one. And the search volume on your brand name is 3600 per month per the Google Keyword Tool. During that time, what was happening to all the new customers I am referred to HostDime? It seems strange that HostDime marketing would look the other way and fail to take note. Affiliate marketing is about relationships. Why didn’t you want to work with me, HostDime? I would if I were you. Your competition certainly does 🙂