Dec 09

Comment Posting Rules

Well, I guess you could say my u comment, I follow post was a success because here they come!

First, thanks to all humans who commented. If you’re a bot, you probably aren’t listening so I won’t address you.

Before this gets out of control, here are some simple some simple comment posting rules for dofollow link love seekers expressing their opinions on SMO Blogger. This also applies to bots, or rather, the owners of the bots that are making comments.

  • Use your name in the name field. Don’t tell me your name is Viagra (does have a Spanish or Italian kind of rink to it though doesn’t it?)
  • Leave a URL to one of your white hat sites, that is, one of your good sites (of course you don’t have to leave a URL, it is optional). ¬†Promotional links are fine, as long as you’re promoting something that is decent or that a reasonable person would find appealing and is at least in some remote way related to SMO or blogging. Anything harmful to the user experience at SMO Blogger is not published.
  • No gambling, porn or potentially offensive links
  • Say something useful.