Sep 10

Digg Revolt Images

You have probably seen these if you tried to use Digg over the last several weeks. Sad. The old Digg is dead. Long live blah. I prefer the old less revolting digg errors. Do you think there will be enough users left for the next Digg Revolt.

Digg Broken Axle

Has the Digg 4 Broken Axle been repaired

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Jul 10

What’s Wrong with Digg

No, it’s not a question, but a statement. See?

What's Wrong With Digg

Here’s a digg.com submission of a well-written article critical of the new Digg V4. It received 321 votes in about one day’s time, yet did not make it to the Digg front page. Can’t take the criticism?

Jul 10

The New Digg

A new Digg.com is on the horizon. I’ve bee hearing about it for a long time and wondering whether I will like it. I’m not sure. I hope Kevin Rose doesn’t change too many factors so as to alienate the original gangsters of Digg. Here’s an invitation to the Digg alpha party. I’m honored. Did you get one? Then maybe I’m not honored 🙂

You’ve been invited to participate in the new Digg alpha! Some of your friends on Digg are already using it. Check out what they are digging and submitting, and how they can help personalize your Digg experience.

Here are three things you can do to kick-start your Digg v4 alpha experience.

Find and follow your friends, influencers, and news sources you trust! Once you follow these Digg users, we’ll build a custom news homepage for you called “My News.” My News will display news stories to you as dugg by your friends.

Get more followers! Aside from digging great content, one of the best ways to attract new followers is to update your profile. Add a photo and link to your blog, Twitter account, or Facebook profile.
Explore the “My News” and “Top News” pages. My News is the custom news page we build for you based on the people you follow, Top News is the global zeitgeist showing you the most popular stories on Digg.

We’re relying on you to make the site better, so please use the feedback links on the bottom of each page to let us know what you think. You will receive an emailed survey as well. Come back frequently as we’ll be adding features often.

Get started here http://new.digg.com and log in using your current Digg credentials.


Kevin Rose, Founder

Jun 10

Social Media Is Kicking It!

If Facebook Was A Country It Would Be Bigger Than America!

Can you believe that if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest country and bigger than America?? That is amazing. It actually took 4 years for the internet to reach 4 million users and yet Facebook reached 100 million within 9 months!! This growth is incredible especially when you consider Facebook is free! Older ladies are actually the fastest growing group on Facebook!

The potential for the small business owner with social media sites is tremendous.

And who would have thought that YouTube is already the largest search engine after Google? Awesome! Everyone knows that Youtube has grown at an incredible rate and is very highly trafficked. A recent change that YouTube made was to transcribe every video that is uploaded, in order to rank it for keywords in their search engine! So putting keywords in both the video and the description is now key.

LinkedIn, although far behind Facebook in numbers, is way ahead in the calibre of the users. LinkedIn is used very much by company CEO’s, Management and other high flyers. In fact a staggering 80% of the companies who use Linkedin do their recruiting on this site! If you are looking for high calibre leads, LinkedIn is definitely the place to find them.

Another Social Media site that is growing quickly is Twitter. It is used generally by people who want to stay in touch with old and new friends, but it is increasingly used by businesses to promote themselves. Because anyone is allowed to make applications for Twitter, it is regularly changing and evolving. Lack of understanding does keep some away, but because it is so well known now, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon everyday.

There are over 200 million blogs on the internet today. Over 50% of these have new content posted everyday! Basically if you are in business today you need to have a blog to keep your customers up to date with your products, services and special offers! Well you need a blog and you also need to be doing YouTube videos, and you need a Facebook page! This is what the future looks like!

Any business that is not on social media, I seriously believe is going to be losing out immensely. I am aware that alot of people out in the ‘real’ world consider it to be something of a fad and not something that they need to be involved in, but I think they are definitely missing something massive. Just study those figures once more and think about it!!

So jump in! We’re waiting for you:)

If you are amazed by this Facebook Fact and want to start promoting your business on Facebook, grab this FREE Facebook Training before it’s taken down!



Jun 10

Social Networking For Business

Social networking spaces on the Web, including such sites as MySpace and Facebook have begun to catch the attention of thousands people from all over the world.

Social networks are very popular among young people and are usually considered as online places where users can virtually meet each other in order to establish friendships, relationships and express their opinions, thoughts, share the passion, interests and hobbies.

However the purpose of networking sites may be purely social, while others may focus on establishing business connections as networking is also the business of engaging and interacting with other internet users in a particular online space that’s why Social Networking can become a perfect, free marketing tool in a hand of an entrepreneur.

Websites such as Myspace, Facebook or any other social networks are great places where the marketer can easily spread the word about his business around the other net workers and create his own audience that might be a source of new potential customers or business partners. The fact is that social networking sites are being visited by a meaningful percentage of internet users expressing various interests what makes targeting product to the right people much easier.

The Functionality of social networking websites including features such us: viewable personal profiles, blogs, interactive “friends” lists, customizable themes and layouts, automatic address book updates, the ability to form new links through “introduction services,” and loads of other forms of online
social connections enable marketer to create professional and relevant “e-business card” that will attract new net workers paying attention to the promoted product. Continue reading →

Apr 10

Facebook FAIL

Facebook Fail

Can you spot the failure in this Facebook page?

Mar 10

Twitter Error: Something is Technically Wrong

Twitter Technically Wrong Error

Twitter Error: Something Went Technically Wrong

You’ve heard of the Twitter Fail Whale, now there’s this error for those expecting to start their day tweeting:

Something is technically wrong.
Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

Which raises the question… will things ever be “normal” with Twitter?

Oct 09

Still Think Twitter is Stupid?

Twitter Bird Upside Down

I guess that’s the question these days. Everyone I know a Twitter user. But… everyone I know is an Internet geek of some sort, a designer, marketer or social media type. Okay, maybe my Mom isn’t using Twitter but give her time.

I admit that I thought Twitter to be stupid when it first began for these reasons:

  1. Why would anyone want to limit the number of characters that they can post? If you really have something important to say, often it’s more than the terse Twitter character limits.
  2. Why give your content away to a third party which can ban or bury your work? Put your content on your blog, keep control and revenue and sit there and own it (feels good doesn’t it).
  3. Why did we need yet another social network besides the big ones: MySpace, Facebook, Friendster? Been there, done that. I’m not one to indulge in a social media site just because it’s faddish.

I’ve begun to think more seriously about Twitter. Yes, I’ve become more involved–more tweets, retweets, selecting good friends interested in my favorite topics and removing non friends. Why? Let me answer each of the above objections to using Twitter by saying:
Twitter Birds

  1. You don’t have to worry about the things that sometimes drag us down in life, namely committments. I don’t have to respond to a rant with a counter rant. I don’t have to explain anything, just tweet. So, the brevity of  Twitter becomes a positive instead of a limitation. Getting what I’m saying? Agree?
  2. Using Twitter can complement my own blog content. It’s a way to get friends, subscribers and links (sorry web 1.0 folks, you’ll have to stay back in the 1990’s if you don’t get involved in SMO).
  3. Yes, Twitter is another social network but yet, this social media tool is different. I’ll probably blog about this in more detail, but I think you know what I mean.

I use Twitter now because I’ve overcome the three objections above. If you sincerely think Twitter is stupid, don’t use it.

Sep 09

Twitter Fail Whale

He who has never failed somewhere, that man cannot be great. –Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Have you seen the Fail Whale in on Twitter.com? Occasionally I will catch a glimpse of the great white whale off the starboard bow of my browser.

Funny how Twitter fails regularly but no one cares.

Twitter Fail Whale

Twitter Fail Whale

Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.

Sep 09

Sphinn Stalking

I felt a little uneasy the day I saw that I was “stalking” a female SEO on Sphinn.com, Danny Sullivan’s social media news site for search. No worries, in Sphinn v2, stalkers have been decriminalized and replaced by the more politically correct “followers.”

Sphinn Stalking SEO Woman

We can all feel a little better about ourselves now. Kudos Sphinn for trying something different!