Jun 10

Social Networking For Business

Social networking spaces on the Web, including such sites as MySpace and Facebook have begun to catch the attention of thousands people from all over the world.

Social networks are very popular among young people and are usually considered as online places where users can virtually meet each other in order to establish friendships, relationships and express their opinions, thoughts, share the passion, interests and hobbies.

However the purpose of networking sites may be purely social, while others may focus on establishing business connections as networking is also the business of engaging and interacting with other internet users in a particular online space that’s why Social Networking can become a perfect, free marketing tool in a hand of an entrepreneur.

Websites such as Myspace, Facebook or any other social networks are great places where the marketer can easily spread the word about his business around the other net workers and create his own audience that might be a source of new potential customers or business partners. The fact is that social networking sites are being visited by a meaningful percentage of internet users expressing various interests what makes targeting product to the right people much easier.

The Functionality of social networking websites including features such us: viewable personal profiles, blogs, interactive “friends” lists, customizable themes and layouts, automatic address book updates, the ability to form new links through “introduction services,” and loads of other forms of online
social connections enable marketer to create professional and relevant “e-business card” that will attract new net workers paying attention to the promoted product. Continue reading →