Feb 14

What’s Wrong with This Google Result?

What is Wrong with this Search Result?

Do you see it?

Oct 10

Thesis Theme For WordPress Blogs

Thesis Theme – The Recommended Theme For WordPress Blogs

One major issue in website design is the use of functional but beautiful themes or “skins” for your web pages. If you’re a beginner or an advanced wordpress.org platform user, and you want to know which wordpress theme can really make your site stand out, read on…

Chris Pearson is the genius behind the WordPress theme called Thesis. Have you ever wondered why so many people are singing praises to this wordpress theme? First of all, it’s a high-quality template that’s also a clean slate for your own creativity. You can easily set up banners, videos and photos. The default settings are already so attractive that you may feel ok with keeping the original settings instead of doing further customizations. But if you’re feeling creative, you can easily personalize your wordpress theme.

Using the theme options, you can choose the number of columns you want for your blog or website to have. You can put borders around your post area. If you want the full-width look, you can easily change the original default settings and remove the sidebars. Change the size and layout of your website’s sidebars and content area. Choose the category or the pages you want to appear on your site’s main navigation bar. You can even have your menu links on your navigation bar.

Bloggers can benefit most with the way thesis theme is designed to make life easier for bloggers. You never have to mess with the php scripts or HTML to insert your google webmaster verification code on the header of your blog again. The same goes with the footer codes.

Thesis is more than just another pretty wordpress theme. Search engine optimization should be your main concern as a blogger, which makes Thesis the best website skin for you. Just using Thesis will make you more popular with the search engines. Easily instruct Thesis to use a title-description structure that makes your web pages more search engine friendly in the theme options page.

Who else could use Thesis to make their websites better? I can tell you that this theme is perfect for personal blogs, particularly if the blogger is not completely at ease with HTML and PHP codes.

Experienced bloggers will enjoy tweaking the theme according to their taste and preference. Affiliate marketers can easily create online websites that feature various products for sale. Video bloggers will love the feature area of the Thesis theme. Photo galleries can easily be updated and created on Thesis. If you’re a freelancer, you can create your portfolio with Thesis.

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Jun 10

7 Helpful Tips To Optimize WordPress Blogs

WordPress is a famous blog publishing tool powered by PHP and MySQL. There are many WordPress blogs around the net but most of them are not optimized for search engines especially Google. Besides, it is never too late to start optimizing your website powered by WordPress blogs. Here are the 7 sections of WordPress you need to prioritize to improve search engine ranking.

1. Permalinks

Make certain that the settings of your blog’s permalinks are readable. Permalink means permanent link or permanent URL. If you want to change the default permalink, go to Settings then Permalinks in the WordPress Dashboard. Make your permalink consisted of the category and the post name.

2. All in One SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin

Using all in one SEO pack, you are capable of making customized meta keyword and meta description tags of your home page and blog posts.

3. Long Tail SEO

Every blog post must be optimized for long tail keywords for there is a great chance of getting good traffic since searchers today are more specific with their searches.

4. Social Bookmarking

Every post in your blog must be submitted to popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. Your blog will increase its traffic and the number of your backlinks is incremented with the use of social bookmarking.

5. Homepage of your WordPress Blog

Optimize the homepage of your blog more than any web pages. Pick at least two less popular key terms related to your niche. Make sure to mention the keyword phrases in the title tag, meta description and of course in the content of your blog.

6. Google XML Sitemap – WordPress Plugin

This tool helps you to easily generate an up-to-date sitemap in order for the posts and pages of your blog to be indexed immediately.

7. Link Building

Building lot of backlinks for your blog is one of the greatest ways to improve search engine ranking. Various methods can be used to build links like article marketing, directory submission, blog commenting, press releases, link exchange, social bookmarking and forum posting.

Sep 09

Finding a WordPress Theme Developer

The WordPress LogoI spent about a day looking for WordPress theme developers, filtering through their qualifications and portfolios to see if they had the ability to design a WordPress Theme of the sort I wanted. I’d tried several WordPress developers in the past with mixed results. The biggest complaints I have are that they are either slow or do a poor job with the aesthetics. Well, I looked through the entire Automattic list that I found at:


I figured these should be the best of the best, getting an Automattic listing. I went through almost the entire list and found thirteen candidates whose work I liked. I contacted them all.

What were the results of my inquiries?

Only 5 of these Automattic listed WordPress devs got back to me. Of the five, one developer was kind enough to tell me he was too busy to meet my schedule and refer me to a friend. A second was outlandishly expensive (I’d rather have purchased a sports car). A third was reasonably priced but failed in being punctual. Two turned out great! So, I went through so many many developers just to find the two developers who were qualified and reasonably priced. It took about a day.

Yeah, it was worth it.

Mar 08

Squarespace Blogging Platform?

Is Squarespace (http://www.squarespace.com) a search engine friendly blogging platform? Is this out of the box blogging platform suitable for SEO purposes? If not Squarespace then what?

Squarespace.com site company line:

Squarespace is an exceptionally tuned publishing system for managing websites and blogs. Need to create a blog? Build a website? Our software helps discerning individuals build stylish, easy to manage websites complete with state-of-the-art blogging tools. Squarespace hosts thousands of high-quality websites — both large and small.

At first glance, I don’t see any reasons not to recommend it for SEO purposes. I don’t see that much difference in this and WordPress except it’s cheaper than the premium version of WP. I signed up and poked around in Squarespace, but I really don’t like the interface that much. So, I’m sticking with WordPress.

Of course, I am just writing from a personal standpoint. I am biased toward WordPress because I’ve been using it so long and invested so much in it. Also, because it is open source and there are tons of plugins and widgets and themes, you know. That’s just my personal view.

I don’t see anything wrong with Squarespace in terms of SEO. I didn’t spend much time in the admin area but I did a site:squarespace.com looked at a bunch of user blogs and they all seemed pretty indistinguishable from WordPress blogs. I don’t recall seeing any with tag clouds like WordPress has, though.

I wasn’t sure but it looked like Squarespace had to be hosted at squarespace.com? And if you want to use your own domain you have to map it to their server? That’s fine but I wonder if you would lose some degree of control without hosting it yourself. It reminded me of WordPress.com blogs, where you just log into their system and post stuff and don’t have to worry about maintaining anything. WordPress has a premium service that they allow you to map your domain to in a very similar way: http://wordpress.com/vip-hosting/.

Thoughts on Squarespace anyone?