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As the title indicates, this post is going to outline why Twollow sucks. You can choose to use Twollow if you want. You shouldn’t be ashamed. I certainly use services that suck. But, just set your expectations from the beginning. If you would like to further investigate Twollow, you can do so at

First, what is Twollow? It’s one of the first services that allowed automated Twitter following. At one time, it seemed all of the A-List Twitter bloggers were using it and promoting it. Apparently, a large number of Twitter users still employ the service today. In Twollow’s on words:

Find & Follow People On Twitter by Keywords. Gain targeted followers!

Screen Shot of Twollow Price Points

Oh and I bet they won’t include on this list that appears on

As seen on Mashable, KillerStartups, and AskDaveTaylor!

I fell for the Twollow “Bronze” service which as you can see from the price points above, it’s the cheapest. I foolishly paid the annual price of 79.99 thinking I would be saving money. I just happily went along with all of the A-Listers and trusted them.

Quickly, I received about 2000 followers related to my keywords. I was loving it. Then, something happened and everything just went dead. I was stuck at 2000. Why could I no longer get followers? I contacted Twollow support over and over and over and received one response initially, but then radio silence afterwards.

I made this final plea:

Final request. Twollow has not been working for me on my account [removed for privacy]. The info was sent. The transfer has not been made. I’ve sent numerous requests to support asking for help. No response. Please let me know something by tomorrow or I’m out.

Normally, when I purchase a product or service that fails to deliver as advertised, I dispute it with my card company and usually get a refund. I kept holding out for Twollow because of those darn A-Listers, I guess. Still want to believe this product works. But, it doesn’t.

Here’s my satire of the Twollow features:

  • Potentially Find & Follow people based on keywords
  • Interact with Twollow customer support – increase your social life
  • Track what people are saying about your website or products if you can log in.
  • 20th Century Networking.
  • 40,000 Users Can be Wrong!
  • Pay money to a service endorsed by A-List Twitterers!
  • Tweet how great Twollow is!
  • For reference:
    Twollow Twitter page: @twollow (nofollowed)

    Does Twollow suck for you too?

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    1. Nice post i haven’t tried that service yet. Like the way you mention it thanks

    2. Yeah, i’ve been disappointed, since realising that quality relationships are often better than quality. I’m trying to cancel by 5.99 a month or whatever it is. I have sent an email requested, not sure if this has been actioned. Anyone know how the easiest way to cancel.
      .-= David´s last blog ..Offer Vault =-.

    3. Mike @ SiteOne

      @ David Personally, I would give Twollow on final email giving them seven days. If ya haven’t heard anything gor for a chargeback with your card company.


    4. I have sent numerous emails to Twollow customer service. Never got any replies. I paid them through a PayPal account so I contacted Paypal and used their web form to cancel my subscription. For reasons I never understood, every month twollow kept hitting my account. Today I finally got into PayPal CS and they claimed I had TWO twollow accounts. That’s news to me! The Paypal records show that I did cancel a subscription. Paypal gave me what they said was the phone number for twollow. Turns out it is an information line for the 506 area code. 506 555-1212 Somebody is committing fraud here.

    5. I signed up for Twollow, and paid the fee and my account was never activated, despite repeated emails to their support. Really a scam! I called my credit card company and had the charge removed. Paypal gave me the same 555 number – BIG SCAM!

    6. Dominic St-Pierre

      Wow, I find it sad to read this after couple of years out of this product!

      I’m Dominic St-Pierre, the original owner of twollow (when it was a free tool / service). I had so much fun building it and saw it grow from 1K users to about 17K when I have sold it. I never been able to re-produce that feeling of having so much people watching and commenting on my weekly (even daily) updates.

      Sounds like my customer support were way better even though the service were free. Sorry to hear that.

      I remember a day when I released a broken version and immediately got tweets about it and was eating with my wife and two kids, I took 2-3 pieces and said “I have to go fix twollow, be back later.”. I guess I am a bit “nostalgic” to had pass away a really nice product I had.

      Have a nice day! (Sorry for my English)


      • No reflection on you at all, Dominic. Appreciate all your work developing Twollow. The hard part is creating the app, it seems. Fixing customer service should be a much easier job for Twollow. They may yet accomplish this task. Thanks for dropping by.

    7. When I signed up for twitter in 2009, I used Twollow quite effectively, but now I see Twollow is no longer free, forget about it!

    8. I am going through trying to get a refund from Twollow right now. I signed up for the $14.99 subscription. Well, apparently my account was never activated since I can’t get ANYTHING to happen when I log in and try to make the service work.

      I sent emails to customer service and of course no response. So, I canceled my subscription and filed a PayPal dispute. No response! I have just escalated it to a claim demanding my initial $14.99 refunded.

      We will see…

    9. It’s disappointing indeed to hear that you had no response from Twollow regarding your problem.

      However regarding your issue of getting “stuck” at 2000 followers, that’s nothing to do with Twollow.

      Twitter (for good reason) has some methods for preventing ‘aggressive’ and unbalanced following.

      There is a ratio those you follow to those that follow you that if you don’t meet, means the number of users you can follow will be capped at 2000.

      There’s plenty about this online if you care to look.

      I used Twollow very successfully for a number of accounts.

      I know that instantly block people who follow me who have a high number of followers against a low number of friends. It’s pretty obvious it’s not a very genuine – or very interesting account.

      So I use Twollow to follow people with relevant interests – ie alert them of our existence – but if they don’t follow back, then I remove them.

      Thus, I can keep the follower to friend ratio in a good and logical place, build relationships with genuinely interested users and build up to gaining 2000+ mutual followers in a relatively short time compared to how long that would take not using Twollow.

      All for a measly £70-odd quid. One of the best tools I’ve ever used in terms of commercial effectiveness for time and money outlaid.

      I also used Refollow for managing relationships and easily culling the non-mutuals, but seems they are having some problems with the ratios and prevented from using Twitter oAuth.

      Twollow is obviously doing something right as they’re still in business ratio wise. But not responding to paying customers is very, very wrong.

      That sucks Twollow. I was about to recommend you to a big client. But I’ll see if you answer me first.

    10. Once again, dissapointment. tweetadder, twollow, who doesn’t suck?

    11. Haven’t heard of twollow before. But after reading your post,i’m avoid it altogether. Thanks for saving our time 🙂
      Stickman Games recently posted…Tactical Assassin 2My Profile

    12. I’ve written a ruby script that is similar to twollow. It’s free, so feel free to download if your interesting in this type of functionality:

      Feedback would be welcome.

    13. They have been making charges for over a year via paypal without my consent! I never received any services from them, I don’t even have a twitter account! Does anyone have any advice for retrieving stolen funds? They don’t have a website or contact information anywhere online and their twitter account hasn’t been accessed in years. The bank account I use only for paypal has been overdrawn from the charges I will be taking legal action.

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