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Call me a noob if you want, but I’m resurrecting the old u comment, i follow practice for SMO Blogger.  No, I’m not one of those idealistic bloggers who think that commenters are basically good people–not that most commenters are even people–who are just misunderstood and have a right to be linked to.  I don’t have a “Save the Comments” bumper sticker on that back of my green powered car. Blogs were social before social media became mainstream. Part of optimizing your social media universe is making your blog the social hub you want it to be.

Search engines use the nofollow concept to block link credit from going to spammers, even though to the human eye, it’s still a link. The only part of the code that’s different is ab HTML attribute which reads this way if you view source in your browser:


That one little link of code will single handedly shut down the link love spigots of Google from delivering even a drop of link credit to your site. Of course, you’ll find it trendy among social media and SEO types to post that building nofollow links pays link juice dividents. They are wrong.

I don’t recommend adding U Comment, I Follow on an established blog. Why? Because, if you haven’t discovered this already, spammers will rush in from the fields to drink from the comment troughs. You can infer from this that if SMO Blogger ever becomes an established blog, I will likely turn off U Comment, I Follow.

Here are the three reasons I U Comment, I Follow Blog:

  • More content -granted user generated content is something that search engines probably want to filter out and get rid of because of it’s high volume and noise. I’m an experienced blogger but darn it, this is a new blog and I need activity, controversy, tension, etc. to help us get to the core of what social media optimization really does for us all.
  • More friends
  • More Links – I’d like SMO Blogger to be added to all of the quality IFollow blog directories and lists out there for link loving consumption.

Lastly, what WordPress Plugin do I use? Of course I use WordPress for blogging. Doesn’t everyone?

It’s called FollowMyLinks by everflux and here is a snippet from the plugin author page:

Follow My Links is a very simple plugin that prevents WordPress from automatically adding a “rel=nofollow” attribute to the following two categories of authorial links:

1. links in the post author’s comments;
2. links to the post author’s URL (usually linked to from the comment author’s username).

The default behaviour of WordPress (as of version 2.8) is to add a “rel=nofollow” attribute to all links in the comments section, including links in comments made by the post author and links to the post author’s website. The nofollow attribute prevents search engines like Google from following (indexing) such links, and passing “link juice” (including PageRank™) to the linked pages. In fact, nofollow was originally introduced by the major search engines as a deterrent or counter-measure to link spam in blog comments. For that reason, it doesn’t make much sense to have nofollow on your own links, when you’re the post author or blog owner, since those links are supposed to be “editorially given” (and therefore spam-free): that’s where this plugin comes at hand.

You Comment? I follow.

Let the commenting begin friends!

Google Web Spam Team chief, Matt Cutts talks about nofollow.

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  1. Peter@PSDs to HTML

    Matt Cutts has said that DoFollow links and keywords are not used by search engines. Due to spam, most business sites shy away from using dofollow, but general sites can think of it as a promotional tool to start the conversation.
    .-= Peter@PSDs to HTML’s last blog …

  2. […]I guess you could say my u comment, I follow post was a success […]

  3. No Follow should be illegal. Especially when sites put the ‘U comment, I follow’ icon on their blog and then don’t follow links.

  4. I commend you for your attitude. thanks for the post. I’m thinking about using FollowMyLinks as well for my blog.

  5. Update: It appears that FollowMyLinks does not nofollow all links but only author links, which seems silly to me. I have now switched to another plugin and nofollowed the above FollowMyLinks link in protest.

  6. Dofollow is a great idea. It gives a little reward to people who drop by your blog and leave a comment. The drawback is all the moderating you have to do for spam.

  7. I think Google came with the nofollow tag in desperation. they couldn’t find an automatic way to identify real votes(links) against spamming. so, with this movement growing, let’s see what they will come up with.

  8. Ha ha, I think it’s great that you’re using the seo people to get free traffic and links and then plan to shut it off once you get a higher page rank.

  9. Right now I’m giving and getting in return. And you know what, Michael? It’s working for both parties. I don’t have any plans to shut off the follows, I do reserve the right to shut them off, yes. For now and the foreseeable future, link juice flows for everyone.

  10. Never heard about this. Your reasons looks good but I’m not sure that dealing with the flow of spam you’ll get really worth it.

    And I have to tell you, the font you use make my eyes bleed…

    • So far, spam hasn’t been a problem. Hmm… is the font that bad? Too big? Wrong color? Wrong type or all of the above?

  11. Dog Yoda Costume

    I’m still learning about this “Do Follow Movement” but it sounds like it benefits all who are involved…well as long as you’re not accused of spam, otherwise you’re wasting your time, I guess. Anyways thanks for the info. Maybe Gabriel didn’t like that you’re font was all bold. It might make it a little harder to read…however I wouldn’t say it makes my eyes bleed. Oh well. Best of luck with your site.
    P.S. I so want to market “Save the Comments,” but I’m sure it’s taken by now! haha

  12. Jim@PC Computer Games

    Nice blog. The Keywordluv plugin has been awesome. I have to say, that there were not many blogs that I left a comment on before to the plugin. Why? It costs time to post comments and I don’t have any. Now that we’re awarded a link for doing so, it is more than worth it. Thanks for using it.

  13. Personal trainer wrexham

    If I have to give my email addres to every site I want to comment on the least they can do is return a little link juice. After all my email address is worth $1 in the right hands – worth a little spam??

  14. Share the love, if somebody posts a nice comment on your blog, why not give them credit for their blog/website?

    And what is the trouble of just moderating your comments.. Imo the nofollow attribute is just for lazy blog moderators 😉


    R.C. Vliegtuig

  15. Tom @ The Internet Book

    Google probably has more engineers and scientists than NASA working on their search algorithm. You would think that with all that brain power a system could be developed that could sniff out legitimate content from spammy content. Comparing a commenter’s URL with the infamous Google algorithm’s checks & balances of links, domain age, traffic, history, PR and the other 200 analytic tools….could show if a comment is associated with a reputable site.

    Don’t mind me, I’m just venting…

  16. stua bail Bonds Virginia

    You comment I follow would be a lot more manageable if everyone did it. Then it would not really make you the target of spammers any more than any other site. Google just needs to figure out how to stop AUTO POSTING and the use of software like Scrapebox that manipulate the system. Not make it up to individuals to protect Googles content goals.

  17. I’ve had DoFollow on my blog for a while, and not noticed too much spam – although I get one or two.

    I see it as a small price to pay really for the leg up it gives legit bloggers and sites

  18. Motorverzekering vergelijken

    Maybe someone could create a plugin for WordPress that allows you, as an admin, to choose which links to follow. That way usefull, non spam comments can be encouraged.

    M. Verzekering

  19. Not to mention the massive traffic increase. If you can comb through the spam i think its definitely worth it.

  20. I had a fun time reading comments here! Yes of course, I read your blog. U comment I follow is a brilliant idea – to build a community who shares mutual benefits. But like any brilliant ideas, sooner or later someone finds a way to exploit it. 😎

    • Abogados de Accidentes

      I also think it’s a good idea to move to dofollow and there are many benefits and ways to find blogs, I think we are all interested in getting as much help dofollow blogs to improve search engine rankings significantly, is a tool inprescindible addition is friendly to other webmasters.

  21. Where can I get a “Save the comments” bumper sticker 😉

  22. I have follows on my blog, just need to weed out the spam comments from the really valuable ones. Aksimet WordPress plugin does this fine so the comments that aren’t spam and add value I follow. A great compromise I think.
    Sonya recently posted…Why Every Business Should Be Like My Local Kebab ShopMy Profile

  23. Hey you really are a saint. It is really important for people to communicate and support each other and the nofollow attribute is just a selfish way to the top. People need to come together to cover up for the others. It is important that we band together. Thank you for your kindness and may it come back to you in a good way.

  24. as soon as i get my blog installed i will be taking your lead

  25. people saying that after Google panda update links from post comments worth nothing for seo, what do you know about that?

    • I haven’t heard that yet. Why wouldn’t a comment link from a strong page count? Seems like it should.

  26. Boston Online Marketing

    I can understand people not wanting spammers to take over their site and I’m perfectly fine with that. But why do some blogs put the ‘u comment i follow’ sign up if they are, in fact, no follow? Makes no sense to me.

  27. I can understand Google being in desperation to try and put a measure to their ranking system but the same way spammers take advantage of dofollows, blogs/websites tend to also abuse the nofollow tag.

    Personally, the line needs to be drawn and comment moderation is the way to go, I’d say. Leave a dofollow yet moderate the comment prior to posting, if it is useful, leave the link, if not, remove it.

  28. Thanks for the info. Curly Haired Man , i agree with your opinion. Leaving one or two good posts with do follow it’s a good balance.
    Asum recently posted…lista de jogosMy Profile

  29. Yeah, Do follow blogs and sites are very hard to find nowadays. I dont see why webmasters use no-follow. Who cares about spam anyways, traffic is traffic correct? Well anyways I have been trying to find do-follow blogs to relate to my site. I am promoting my own made music. Do follow brings more communication between users, link juice,and help the blogging community out for google rankings.
    Yung Kash SK recently posted…Ive been Thinking Mics!My Profile

  30. The idea of using this for website promotion is great. I may have to enable it for my own blog. Quick question though. Have you gotten any definitive answer on whether nofollow links have any benefit on Google? Couldn’t they possibly be counted in some respect even if PR juice isn’t being passed?
    Andrew recently posted…The 6 Spheres of Social Media Marketing | Search Engine People | TorontoMy Profile

    • Yeah, Andrew, I think that is possible. They definitely keep track of the data as you can see it Google Webmaster Tools and when using the link operator. But, I bet they don’t use it so much for rankings but for mention credits or filtering out spam or who knows.

      • I did a little googleing and found that someone did an experiment with 2 sites that they created fresh and only made no-follow backlinks to it. Both sites increased in ranking as the backlinks were created. This pretty much tells me that there’s some sort of value in them.
        Andrew recently posted…Free online word count toolMy Profile

        • I can see some difficulty in isolating the variables for a test like that because it would be hard to guarantee that no other sites corrupted the experiment by linking to it. Possible though, but I’m skeptical 🙂

        • Google may give new sites a tiny bump during the beginning, to get them started.

          Google also, most likely, obfuscates the true ranking of pages, to fight people trying to figure out those last hidden signals in google’s algos.

          However i believe nofollow may sometimes pass some tiny rank, someday…

  31. Yeah I agree SMO Blogger it would be near impossible to discern where the value was actually coming from. But interesting all the same.

  32. I like the idea behind the commentluv: dofollow link in exchange for a meaningful comment that adds something to the discussion. Comments themselves add a unique content to a given page, so you have to strain yourself a bit more beyond the “Nice article. Thanks a lot.” kind of comment to get what you want. It brings more attention to blogs offering this feature in organic search from the SEO folks, so it’s also a way of promoting a blog and getting a certain type of targeted traffic. The best idea that comes to mind to take advantage of this is a commentluv blog around SEO topics 😉 Regards.

  33. I commend you for your attitude. thanks for the post. I’m thinking about using Follow my links as well for my blog.

  34. I agree you people that leave comment like”great article”, “nice blog” and “good info” should not get a link back at all. They need to leave a constructive on you blog to deserve a back link. I am planning to use commentluv for my blog soon.
    Donnau1 recently posted…Secret Tips For Coffee LoversMy Profile

  35. you are not a noob matt. i like what you have written. I think its fair to use to do follow or I follow tags. Your are giving our relevant juice to those who support you and they do so back at ya!

  36. Yeah! I totally agree you must leave a comment that is a useful tip not just “great post!” or whatever.

  37. I’ve looked ay maybe a dozen websites today and all seem to be conflicting reports about the value of dofollow links on blogs and whether it’s better to have them or not (for the blog owners and commenters!)

  38. Yeah, Do follow blogs and sites are very hard to find nowadays. I dont see why webmasters use no-follow. Who cares about spam anyways, traffic is traffic correct? Well anyways I have been trying to find do-follow blogs to relate to my site. I am promoting my own made music. Do follow brings more communication between users, link juice,and help the blogging community out for google rankings.

  39. paidsocialmediajobs

    I have heard from various sources that Twitter adds ranking value to SEO.
    Is this true or a rumor?
    paidsocialmediajobs recently posted…Paid Social Media jobsMy Profile

  40. This is true that using U comment, I follow attract spammers. But still it helps to increase page views (With a reduced bounce rate as spammers come to comment)
    Up Arrow recently posted…Inbound marketing – The forecast for 2013My Profile

  41. chad@Video Production Orlando

    Like anything else, things need to be done in moderation. I find it beneficial to have a good mix. However the most important thing is relevance. Relevance, in my opinion, trumps everything else including page rank. Let me know what you think?
    chad@Video Production Orlando recently posted…Physician Marketing Techniques to Help Grow Your PracticeMy Profile

  42. Top-university

    “Blogs were social before social media became mainstream.” That is why i love blogging)

  43. I am definitely not sure how this will impact the genuine commentors, but it would help you in increased website activity though.

  44. Well, U Comment i follow can be a great idea for start with your blog and get some users from internet and later, when you get enough user, you can change to increase your quality page.

    ¿What do you think about this?

    Regards from Valencia, Spain ^^

  45. u comments are great and really needed in this environment. spammers suck but now there are people who want to contribute but cant.
    Design and Promote recently posted…Design & Promote Teams Up With Naperville Non-Profit for KidsMatter Dueling PianosMy Profile

  46. That’s why posting appropriate comment is the thing.

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