What’s Wrong with Digg

No, it’s not a question, but a statement. See?

What's Wrong With Digg

Here’s a digg.com submission of a well-written article critical of the new Digg V4. It received 321 votes in about one day’s time, yet did not make it to the Digg front page. Can’t take the criticism?

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  1. It’s because of Digg algorithm… differentiality is more important than number of Diggs, and there were probably buries too since article is controversial (I can’t seem to find in on the web now?).

    Anywayz it will all change in new Digg but we will see for the better or not

    • Yeah, I had thought about the buries but it seemed like even with the buries, it would have been promoted to the front page. Well, we can be sure an editor at Digg at least saw it.

  2. Yup, they saw it for sure.

  3. web developpeur

    All goes fine, the roads of Digg are impenetrable…

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